• I've worked with them for years.  They are a little slow in paying but I've always gotten a check.

  • I will never work for them again.  Refused to pay me for 9 months.  I had to file complaints with the BBB and the State Attorney in order to get paid.  Took about a year to get my money.  NEVER AGAIN!!!!  BEWARE!!!!!

    • Thanks Michelle

      • don't listen to the non sense great company been with them for years, I got started with them by sitting there refreshing the screen and picked orders before the bast ever reached anyone and now 1000's of bpo's later I am glad to share, they called after a month asking me to be a preferred agent, but sorry to also share at least in my area pretty slow last 2 months, and by the way there payments are back on schedule

        • I have always been paid by Mark to Market.   Great folks.

      • I've always received payment. I experienced some payment delays last year. I had to send them an e-mail reminder in January of this year about missing payments.  However, they seem to be paying every 60 days now.   I got a check yesterday for a BPO done in July.

  • Any updated information on this company?

    • I have not done work with them, for YEARS ( over 5)...In any event, I read on another blog site, that they have been funny with the payments, since 2013. As I understand it, a Broker by the name of Glen Calderon, started the company, after he left his business in New York. He was the Broad Listing HUD broker there. when Hud Stopped that process, he started Mark To Market. It was basically a Mom and Pop type business in MD. Pain in the but forms and qc, but he paid. 

      As I know understand, he SOLD the company last year, and the new owners are not up to snuff.... I do not want to post the other agent site here, but you can search "Mark to Market BPO Reviews" , online.

      • Thank you for the info

  • They are good to work with.
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