Juan Avila replied to Ray P Burgess's discussion 5 Star Conference - Dallas 2012
"Other agents do take resumes and info packets that they hand out, but I've heard that most AMs toss them before packing to head home. Take business cards, attend as many of the social gatherings as possible, and most importantly, don't hound the…"
Apr 1, 2012
Juan Avila replied to Dawn Arheit's discussion Looking for more REO companies to work for.
Mar 14, 2012
Juan Avila replied to Tara Nagelhout's discussion Loan Resolution Corporation
"Looks like they offer Realtors referrals and certification options. Mo money, Mo money, Mo money.
From their website:
Loan Resolution Corporation (LRC) partners with mortgage servicers and institutional investors to provide cutting-edge,…"
Feb 17, 2012
Juan Avila replied to Curtis C Darragh's discussion If You Had To Choose?
"I've received business from both. Recently, I've been more active with Res.net. Other than my established accounts, I have not received any new business (new clients) in Equator. One of my clients requires premium level in Res.net, so I'm paying for…"
Jan 24, 2012
Juan Avila replied to Claudio Leiter's discussion Any Body heard of BankerREO
After reading all of the comments, let us know what you decide to do."
Oct 20, 2011
Juan Avila replied to Dorit Katz's discussion Absoute Solutions
Jun 5, 2011
Juan Avila replied to Kevin Lisota's discussion Anyone known why FAS website is down?
"I just checked and you're right, it's expired. I completed hundreds of BPOs for them and sold an asset for them too. Wonder what's up."
Mar 6, 2011
Juan Avila replied to BOB ROUSE's discussion BIG BAD BANKS
"Been doing this since the 1990's and I have been told a few times that "it's all a mistake, they have the wrong house." However, my experience every single time is that these are delay tactics from an uncooperative former mortgagor. So, to answer…"
Mar 3, 2011
Juan Avila replied to Meir Benzaquen's discussion WHAT IS THE BEST WAY OR COMPANY TO GET MY FIRST REO ASSIGNMENT?
"Start by signing up with as many of companies as possible. There is no shortcut or magic formula. Here is the link: http://reopro.ning.com/page/reo-companies-1
Also, as Steve mentioned, read the posts. Lots of valuable information.
Good luck."
Feb 9, 2011
Juan Avila replied to Juan M Cepeda's discussion REO & Asset Manager Round Table
"I was scheduled to be there, but couldn't get there on time. Was it worth attending? Do you think you'll get any new business?"
Jan 21, 2011
Juan Avila replied to Tara Nagelhout's discussion Altisource / Ocwen
From their website: "Single-User License - $50 per year, for one user (temporarily waived)". I don't pay a fee at all.
As Rose mentioned, they have their own brokerage in most states and only use their own agents. You may want to check to…"
Jan 15, 2011
Juan Avila replied to Tyrone Armstrong's discussion SingleSource Property Solutions
"I had completed close to 200 BPOs for Singlesource and I hadn't received any listings. I was finally accepted into American Destiny and a few months later received my first two listings. American Destiny isn't accepting new agents in many markets,…"
Jan 14, 2011
Juan Avila replied to Hudson Santana REO Listing Agent's discussion Any thoughts on LAMCOnetwork?
I was told that if I changed my mind and wanted to upgrade to the lifetime membership, I could call them at any time and they would prorate the basic membership fees into the lifetime membership. You should call them to find out if this…"
Jan 14, 2011
Juan Avila replied to Angel Caso's discussion FURTHER EDUCATION FOR BPO / REO PRO'S
"Weren't you just pitching bpouniversity to us a few days ago? I would think you would have most, if not all of these sites already."
Jan 4, 2011
Juan Avila replied to JOSE FREITAS's discussion USRES and CAMREO
I know many agents who have received listings from USRES. My market is very competitive and it's very difficult to get in with them. I'm in their system, but have not completed any BPOs, eventhough I've asked. I hear the average BPO to…"
Jan 3, 2011
Juan Avila replied to James Ybarra's discussion Should I Cancel Equator?
"You can still have an account in Equator without paying a monthly coverage fee. You get your office zip code for free. The monthly charge kicks in when you add additional zip codes (.90 each) and opt for other features, such as having your name in…"
Jan 1, 2011