If You Had To Choose?

If you had to choose between ResNet or Equator which would you choose. I've paid for their systems for years and only received a few listings in ResNet. Nothing from Equator. The cost of these systems over the years has cost me the same as any income earned. Which do you prefer and please list the state your located in. I'm in NY. 

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  • Thanks Guys, I appreciate the feedback. Jose, I've actually been paying Equator for years to be listed in the zip codes I serve. I just cancelled all of them and just have the zip code I'm located in for free. Thanks for the feedback.

  • You need both, but only RESNET cost money to set up an account, Equator is free.

  • I've received business from both. Recently, I've been more active with Res.net. Other than my established accounts, I have not received any new business (new clients) in Equator. One of my clients requires premium level in Res.net, so I'm paying for that and have cancelled my zip codes in Equator. I have the free version (Equator) so I can still service my clients. Whatever you decide, I recommend that you remain listed in both. I am based in Los Angeles.

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