• Looks like they offer Realtors referrals and certification options. Mo money, Mo money, Mo money.


    From their website:


    Loan Resolution Corporation (LRC) partners with mortgage servicers and institutional investors to provide cutting-edge, scalable solutions for mortgage servicing, with a core-competency in short sales and deed-in-lieus.   

    LRC’s reputation for performance and reporting is a result of its belief in truly partnering with its clients to achieve their goals.

    LRC provides the following services:• Home Affordability Foreclosure Alternatives program (HAFA)• GSE’s new Foreclosure Alternatives programs• Proactive/Pre-Approved Short Sales• Traditional (Backlog) Short Sales• Deeds-in Lieu• Modifications

    Founded in 2005, LRC is dedicated to its clients’ success and has built its operation to be an extremely high-touch,         customizable operation that produces results.   

    For real estate agents, LRC offers the opportunity to receive referrals.  These referrals are given to agents who register to become part of LRC’s Nationwide Network of Premier Agents, and pass the certification exam.   

    For more information on partnering with LRC, please click on one of the links below:   

    • It'll cost $299 to join their network, they'll take you to the credit card processor right after the application without any warning... wow.

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