Hello everyone,

I'm in MA, I have registered with USRES and completed a few free BPO's for them, with the promise that after completing a minimum of 5 I would be considered for listing assignments.  Has anyone passed that step yet?  I don't mind doing some freebee's but I certainly don't want to continue working for free, if that is not a true statement.....


As to CAM, is anyone in a non-competing market who is willing to share some experience/info...???


Greatly appreciated,


Happy New Year to all



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  • Hi Jose I'm in Miami Florida , so far i have scored over 20 BPO for free for USRES with the hope  of listing like you did ,with no REO assignement yet , i send an e mail to  Amanda Honore the person in charge in USRES  and she put my account on hold until i receive a new REO assignement , she send me a nice  e-mail same as the Garret  Mays's comment  explaining  the foreclosure process in florida  , this was a risk that i decided to take , i will keep calling them to see what's happening with my account  and i will let you know .
    • did you ever get that REO?

    • Rafael, thanks for the feedback.  It's been incredible the number of responses - so far mostly positive ones - received in reference to USRES and the way the company conducts business in the BPO/REO world.

      I am continuing to accept their solicitation to provide free BPO's, hopefully soon I'll find a listing assignment in my inbox....

      • did you ever get that listing?

      • Any time Jose,  go ahead ,  like i told you it's a risk but in my opinion it's worth.
  • They are a good contact to keep. I have done BPOs for them and received a listing on a very popular property in NYC. They are very responsive and will keep you up to date on the activity happening your area.
    • I know I am in the dark still..I have done 75 free reports in the past year...nada, zilch...NYC and Nassau

  • Jose - I've been beating around the REO business for twenty years.  USRES is a good contact to keep. I know in my Virginia market they really don't have major business but I'll get two or three listings a year.  Generally I'll complete four or five free BPOs for each listing I get.  Don't throw these guys out.  You may find yourself in need of the business one.
    • Thanks, Bob, really appreciate the feedback.
  • good rule of thumb--don't ever work for free.  How much do you think USRES sold that BPO to their client  for?
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