• Is anyone on here getting assignments from this company?  I joined a year ago and didnt recieve any assignments or BPO's, I sent an email to their valuation operations manager as well as their REO operations manager and recieved a response saying I would be extended for another year at not cost, later that day I was asked for my resnet agent ID as I would be first in line for the next REO assignment in my area.  This was about a week ago Im really hoping they follow through on their commitment

  • I am thinking of join FAS today. I am in the Los Angeles area. Does anyone know if they have much work around here before I pay the $200.


    I am glad to hear someone got something out of them, I signed up for them over a year ago now and didnt renew. In one year I received only one BPO offer. I completed it and it was a listing that was already listed.


  • I just checked and you're right, it's expired. I completed hundreds of BPOs for them and sold an asset for them too. Wonder what's up.
    • Back up now. Someone in IT must have been asleep at the wheel!
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