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Signs That You are Ready to Be a Home Seller

Selling your HomeMost people easily recognize when the time is right to buy their very first home. They are tired of their current situation and the appeal of getting their own place is too enticing to resist. However, the signs are not quite so easy to notice when it is time to sell the home. Some home owners have a long, drawn out inner debate before coming to the conclusion that they need to sell and move to another place. Here are some ways that you can know the time has come for you to sell your current home.

The Attachment to the Home is Gone

Many people hang on to a home for far too long because they are emotionally connected to the home. The nursery where they brought home their first born, the hallway where a baby took its first steps and other sentimental memories make it tough to part ways with a home. However, if the idea of selling the home brings about a feeling more of relief and not sadness then you are emotionally ready to move on.

A New Plan Has Developed

If you have already picked out another home, or decided what the next home should look like and what features are necessary, then you are ready to move on. Knowing where you wish to live and what the house should look like is a huge step in getting ready to sell your current home and move to a new place. This type of preparation is typically very motivating for most people and helps them to get everything in order for the move.

Your Finances are In Order

Getting ready to purchase that first home is quite an experience for most people. Monitoring credit scores, reducing debt and keeping all payments up to date while saving up a nest egg takes time and discipline. However, once those habits are in place it is easier to maintain a solid credit score. Also, if you have been in the home for any length of time it is likely that there is built up equity which can be used as a down payment on the next home. All of these factors make it simpler to sell a home and be in the right financial position to purchase another home.

It is Time to Move On

Lots of people have come to the realization that they need to change jobs, end a personal relationship or sell some of their long held items. When the thought occurs to you that you would be OK with the idea of getting rid of your house, then the time has come to move on to a new place.

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I Used my Retirement Money to Buy Real Property and Make Money.

Well, as many of you may know, in the past two years I have been really studying as much as I can about how to use retirement funds to buy property. After much studying, last year I took the dive and attended my first tax auction. I bought a property with my retirement money and I am now about to resell it for nearly double what I paid for plus all my expenses. By doing this, I stand to make a return in my retirement account of nearly 28% in 2014. That’s right, you heard me correctly, I will sell these properties I bought at tax auction, with my own retirement money in 2013 for a net increase in my retirement of nearly 28% in 2014. Just so you know, when my money was with T. Rowe Price…for the past 15 years, I had never made that kind of money in 1 years time…..never! In fact, the best return I ever got with T. Rowe Price was a net increase of like .08%....what a joke!

I have privately spoken with some of you on how to use a Self Directed IRA and many of you have found your way to our Self Directed IRA social network however, many more of you still haven’t figured out how to make a SDIRA work for you or even what it is. I can’t stress to you enough, go join it’s FREE and, learn as much as you can. Read the blogs, get on the forums, contact the SDIRA Trustees……..RETIRE EARLY!

Stop waiting, it’s the new year and now is the best time to get started. We have some of the bet Trustees on our network that offer our members free webinars, workshops, libraries…..a wealth of information and knowledge. The best part, our Trustees are the same people I use, I learned from, hold my money and I can tell you personally, I have made money in my retirement, more money than I have ever made in my retirement. Stop procrastinating….go to and join now!

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One of my REOs makes local news


This just in, a REO listed by Jesse Gonzalez makes the local news.


So, as the headline says,'s true, a pre-list REO of mine made it on the local news last night. The scary part, I had no clue till a friend of mine who happened to see it last night told me about it.


Now, while watching this vide (be sure to hit the "watch video" option) keep in the back of your mind, I knew nothing....nothing till almost 24 hours later.

NOTE: My sign isn't in the yard because I was waiting for the grass to be mowed before I put it out, thank GOD because could you imagine them showing my name, sign and calling me for comment on their story?

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Higher-Credit-Score-266x300.jpg?width=239Golden Rules on Achieving High Credit Scores

“We are glad you chose us as your lender.  As you know, your credit score is _______.”  For some people, filling in that blank might be nerve-racking.  For others, it might be a source of pride and personal accomplishment.  If you are working on your credit score, or simply want to know more about putting together a score that will make friends jealous and bankers swoon, read on.

Keep Your Available Limits Manageable

One of the top factors that affect a credit score is a person’s available credit.  This is simple to understand with some numbers.

  • A person has one credit card to their name.  The available balance is $1,000.  At present, the person has charged a total of $200 on the card, leaving them with $800 available.  As a percentage, the person has 80% available credit.
  • A different person has only one credit card, but their available limit is $300.  At present, the person has charged $100 on the card.  Their available limit is $200 or 67%.

Even though the second person in our example has a smaller outstanding balance, their available percentage is lower and their credit score will be lower.  The closer your available limit is to 100% the higher your score will be.

Pay On Time, Every Time

Without a doubt, the single biggest factor of a person’s credit score is whether or not they pay their obligations on time.  Paying all debts, regardless of the size, on time will do more to improve a person’s credit score than other tactics.

Keep Paid Off Credit Lines Open

Review the earlier example about available credit for a moment.  Suppose you have three credit cards but you only owe money on two of them.  Most people would be tempted to close out the one card in order to reduce temptation of charging too much.  However, closing down the account hurts in two ways.  First, it reduces your available credit limit.  Second, it wipes out the history you had with that account.  Both of these items will lower your score.

Strive to Have a Good Mix of Debt

In order to reach the magical number of 700 or more it is necessary to have a mix of debt that you are paying timely.  A modest automobile loan, one or two credit cards and a small unsecured loan are usually enough to provide someone with enough diversity to get a high score.  Having only one type of debt, regardless of the type of debt or how it is paid, will keep your scores in the 600 to 680 range.

Above all else, it is important to understand that building a strong credit score takes time.  It will not happen in a day, a week or even a month.  You will need to focus on the tips outlined above for a few months, maybe a year, in order to reach the pinnacle of credit scores.

Original Post - Tips for Higher Credit Scores

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It's coming up on 2012 and I wanted to take a look at some predictions I had made for 2011 and just how well I did....or didn't do.

In my blog, "More Housing Predictions for 2011 part 2" one of my predictions was, "Lack of substantial job growth"

Well, I would say I was pretty on target for that prediction. I had mentioned that I didn't believe the underlying problems to the economy were going to be addressed and therefore, we couldn't expect a robust recovery, if one at all.

In my blog, "More Housing Predictions for 2011 part 2" one of my predictions was, "Government Home Retention Programs prevent a Real Estate Bottom."

Once again, I would say I was pretty darn accurate about real estate not hitting a bottom. The Federal Government hasn't released any new statistics on the recent success or lack of success on their foreclosure prevention programs however, with the increasing or steady number of NODs and Foreclosures, I would suspect that we haven't hit a bottom yet and yes, a lot can be laid at the feet of our government who is instructing banks to avoid foreclosing. I remember at the start of 2011, when I was out doing relocation assistance negotiations, people had been in their homes for 4-6 months before I showed it's more like 14-24 bottom in sight anytime soon.

In my blog, "More Housing Predictions for 2011 part 2" one of my predictions was, "Energy Prices will Rise to Un-precedent levels"

Now, on this prediction, I can't really say I was spot on but, I can say I was close. You see, we never made it to $5.00 a gallon for gas but, commodity prices in general are skyrocketing. In fact, most commodities like, cotton, sugar, gold and others are reaching record levels or surpassed record levels. This is obviously a sign of inflation concerns, higher cost, weak dollar. So, I won't say I was spot on but, I will say I was on track with this one.

In my blog, "More Housing Predictions for 2011 part 2" one of my predictions was, "Credit Tighterning"

I predicted that credit tightening would continue and it would become increasingly harder for the average citizen to get a loan......have you tried to get a loan better have a 650 fico and at least 15% down.

In my blog, "More Housing Predictions for 2011 part 2" one of my predictions was, " Unforeseen National Crisis"

More specifically, I predicted that obviously I can't predict a unforessen national crisis but, I am glad to say that on this prediction, I was wrong. At least, I am not aware of a "national crisis" of global concern.

All said and done, I would say I was pretty accurate....maybe a little skimpy on details but, 2012 predictions are coming and I assure you, I will detail those predictions up.

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What does it take?

With a new year, comes a fresh group of REO Agent hopefuls, scratching at the door of the industry ready to eat their own just to get that first listing. With this feeding frenzy comes all the questions like, “How do I get my first REO?”

Almost like tradition, each year I have tried to write a blog answering just that question yet, I don’t find myself invited as a keynote speaker to any conference, or quoted in anyone else’s blog or better yet, asked for my advice on some cable television news network yet, here I am, writing away and sometimes, I feel it’s into oblivion.

None the less, let’s sit down together for just a moment and discuss what it really takes for an Agent to get that first REO listing.

Now, before I share the secret to my success, we need to build up the reader with suspense and excitement. One way you can accomplish this is by talking circles around the actual answer causing the reader to build excitement through the anticipation. The reader begins to wonder will the next line hold the secret but, of course, we have to let the reader down and say something that leads the reader on another path, which may seem far away from the answer. Just another way to build up excitement, ooooh I just love this, don’t you?

Well of course, let’s remember what the REO industry is. We need to understand that the REO Industry is all about money. Yeah, yeah, you most likely already know that but, what you don’t know and why you keep reading is because you don’t realize that the REO Industry is all about MONEY!

Ok, that last paragraph may sound a bit silly but, let me explain. Many of these Asset Management companies see these vacant properties not as vacant properties but as non-performing assets. We call them that because when we say “assets” it reminds people that the vacant house isn’t just a vacant house, it directly represents a dollar amount, money. It keeps it real for us.

Let me ask you a question, who would you trust with your money? Seriously…..think about it for just a second, who can you actually trust with your social security number, your pin, banking account numbers, credit cards, debit cards (for those of us getting out of debt), etc…? Many of us may be able to answer that question with just one or two names. I bet most of you would say spouse and possibly your parents, that would be it……no one else? Why not? Ok…..I know that answer and you do to, it’s a rhetorical question. We don’t trust anyone with our money because it’s our money. That is the exact same mentality of the REO Industry and if you haven’t clued in to that yet, that is likely why you are still waiting for your first REO. Maybe I am being a bit harsh and cruel, maybe I have upset your sensibilities but, you asked and more importantly you continued to read this blog. J

Ok, so now, let’s move from the metaphorical to the realistic and ask another question, a more appropriate question and that is, “How do I get a Asset Management company to trust me with their money?”

Now, it’s important that you understand something, every single agent who currently has REO inventory can answer this question differently. This phenomenon is because, most of us got into the business uniquely. Truth be told, very few us got in just because we were selected from a list of random applicants with shiny resumes that smelled like Chanel and were written on pink paper (name the movie if you can?) It’s true, some REO agents can regale you with stories about how they just got a random call from Joe Schmoe Asset Manager Extrodinare however, most of us, I guess about 90% of us, are going to have a much more interesting story about how we met an Asset Manager at a conference or were referred to one by a friend or….something like that.

Ok, this blog it getting to be a bit longer than ususal so, let me cut to the chase. I know my readers and they are already wondering why I have taken so long to just get to the damn point already…..aren’t you?

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times…’s Networking!

Ok, so the secret wasn’t so much a secret after all but, let me explain why so many of you aren’t working your Networks, building your Networks, making your Networks successful for yourselves.

First off, when you get up in the morning, you aren’t thinking about writing a blog, your thinking of getting the kids washed, fed and off to school, the husband / wife up, washed and off to work, yourself 1 hour on the treadmill, wash, fed and off to the office. By the time you reach the office, you are thinking of voice mail you have to return, which continuing education classes you need to take, how you are going to pay your office bill this month, explaining to that homeowner why you haven’t sold their home in 5 months or explaining to that buyer why he can’t get a loan. My humble point is, none of you make time to network or don’t have time to network or can’t network for this or that reason. This is exactly why you aren’t successful because no one important enough know you well enough to trust you with their money.

Let me say that last line once again because, I know many of you missed it.


Granted, it’s not just that simple but, that one line drills down to a foundation that answer the question you posed earlier and that was, “How do I get my first REO listing?”

I have written many….many blogs on how to network, where to network, when to network, what to say, what not to say and, still….I look back at some of my blogs and I see it appears they have been lost to the vastness of the blogosphere. Better yet, I get the wonderful question from the “default professional” who just joined REOPro and says, “How do I get a REO listing?”

Dear God, was I the first email you wrote on this network, was I the first name you saw, did you even bother to read some……3…..2…..or at least 1 blog?

No, you most likely didn’t, you most likely saw that I owned the network, assumed I was a fount of free flowing information, thought you would be bold and a go getter, sat down at your desk and wrote me a one line email, “How do I get my first REO listing?”

Let me just say, you would not be one I would trust with my money…..why on God’s green Earth would any Asset Manger trust you with his?

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Not just another REO Asset Management company, really?

Well, after talking with the Executive Management Team, interviewing on BlogTalkRadio and, now attending their conference, I can truly say I believe they are different.

Unlike all the pretenders who say that they aren’t just another AMC I can truly say that I know Bridge is different and in a really good way.

So what makes them different…….let’s start with the money back guarantee.

I have in writing a Money Back Guarantee that was signed in front of me by Alester Waddell CFO and notarized. Now, I am not going to go into detail about every single detail in this guarantee but, just let me say, Bridge really stepped up and is doing the right thing with it.

Secondly, their purchase power is a bit sexy…..if you know what I mean? Not that I wanted to be impressed of felt as if they were being boastful or pride full but, let’s just say, if size really mattered………….they would be masters of the universe and rock your world.

Thirdly, the technology, thank goodness someone has built a technology that appears to be fairly seamless and transparent. I have a bit more to learn here so, I won’t say more than, it looks good and if it can do all they say it can…….it will be incredible.

Fourthly, relationships! I am so glad I got to meet and have dinner with the owners and Executive Team…..that is so missing in this industry. Let me be clear, they didn’t just have dinner with me and excluded themselves from the rest of the pack. They mingled, sat at different tables, got to know the Realtors they are partnering with……………..why can’t the rest of our industry be like this?

Last but not least, passion and desire with an eye to the integrity of the whole process. I was able to set down with Bobby Funk for a spell and was really glad to find someone who felt, and sounded just like me. I was impressed and thrilled that it was as if we were reading from the same play script. It was so strange I had to step back, pray and ask the Almigty…………was this possible, did I happen across a company who thought like I did? I have to admit, my last night in Burbank, I got the chance to sit down with Marla Webb and it was confirmed that YES, I did find a company who thought like I did about this industry. Marla, you are the bomb!

All in all, it was all good….better yet, incredible. I can’t wait to start making money and hopefully, I can get down to working with just one asset company……Bridge! I know for many of you that may sound like a pipe dream but, with the way this company works, let’s just say……..Bridge is my triple platinum gold credit card and I plan on using it!

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My top 8 New REO Agent Blogs

I get asked a lot about what advice I can give a new REO agent. Many times those conversations revolve around how I can help them get into the business. When this comes up I always stop and ask myself, “Do you think they read your blogs?” and typically the answer is no, they just simply asked me before even trying to get to know who or what I am all about. Well, that brings me to my top 8 blogs for new REO Agents (See Below). If you are a new REO agent and looking to get in this business, instead of just asking straight out, “can you help me get a REO listing”, which…by the way…is a bit presumptive and rude, first read my top 8 Beginner REO Agent blogs below. Once you have read over them and, you still have a question, I would be more than happy to help you. Chances are however, after reading over them, you may find the caliber of your questions will change from a “help me” style question to a “how to” style question and those I am much more comfortable with. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
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