Julia Bradley replied to Bayo Oshinnaiye's discussion Who has worked with Team Lear asset management Company in Colorado?
"Yep I had this call just now, was skeptical from the start.  Seen this too many times.  She gave me the address and of course I look it up as she's talking.  The house closed escrow 4 months ago, was an reo then. I explain this to her and she…"
May 4, 2015
Julia Bradley replied to Andrea Windes's discussion Vendor Select ???
"Ask them where they've got listings currently. Specific addresses. IF they will give you that information, call those Realtors.  I suspect this is just another way to get money out of us..."
Oct 24, 2012
Julia Bradley replied to Don Alexander's discussion Brillion Asset Solutions
"Amy, where are you located?"
Dec 21, 2011
Julia Bradley replied to Broker Girl's discussion Equity Pointe Asset Services
"Where do they assign bpo's?  How about reo's?"
Nov 30, 2011
Julia Bradley replied to Margaret Loudermilk's discussion Five Star 2011
"I'm going.  How can I attend the breakfast?  Do I need to be a member?"
Sep 14, 2011
Julia Bradley replied to Byron Guillermo's discussion NAHREP Conference Count Down
"Hi Byron- I'm signed up and trying to maximize my time there by getting some invitations to the "invitation only" trainings.  Can you help with that?  Any contact information?  For example, I'm a CoreLogic agent, but the person I contacted from…"
Sep 7, 2011
Julia Bradley replied to Doug Grantham's discussion Who else has an REO account with Nationstar?
"What area are you in?  I'd never heard from them, but looked them up.  Looks like they have just a few assets for all of CA."
May 16, 2011
Julia Bradley replied to Shawn Doran's discussion REONetwork -
"Well, I did the 6 month premium membership in January of this year thinking that since there are fewer agents currently signed up with the Premium I'd have a better chance.  Nothing so far.  If I get nothing during the 6 months, I'll not pay again. "
Apr 4, 2011
Julia Bradley replied to Ronnie Dwyer-Williams's discussion Providing Free BPO's for USRES
"I've done a lot of "Free-P-Os" for them.  I had 1 REO assignment from them last March and have done over 20 bpo's since then.  The last few I did I asked about reo assignments everytime, then did a great job on the bpo.  They stopped coming about 2…"
Mar 28, 2011
Julia Bradley replied to Linda McKissick's discussion List your favorite Asset Management companies you work for!
"I agree.  PAS has been very good to  me."
Jan 5, 2011
Julia Bradley replied to Laurie Kaiser's discussion Paradigm - Any Input Positive or Negative? The agent application fee is $1K.
"I didn't see any listings in CA. Anyone in northern CA selling for them? That's a lot of money for nothing..."
Feb 18, 2010