• I hope you didnt pay to be affiliated with their network... ?

  • I got Brillion's Certification and was promised assets. Followed up every month for 9 months and never got one.  I spent $1200  I would not recommend dealing with this kind of company.

  • I just received 3 inspection requests. I am thinking why not use someone who has paid to join their network. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Don,


    I have been waiting for over month now for payment on a commercial valuation. I have emailed, left phone messages all to now avail. I won't do work for a company that refuses to pay or does not respond. Not happy with them.

    • Hi Mary,


      Have you been paid yet? Just received a coomercial BPO order from Brillion.

      • I just received payment today!  However, the order was promised at $100.00 and the check that finally arrived was for $75.00. Be very careful of promises made. I even saved the email with the terms of the order. I don't have the time or the energy to go after them for $25.00. Lesson learned!


  • Brillion is a scam. I've paid the $65 to do BPO's for them in October. Ive done 8 since then. The said they are on a 30 day pay out. I"ve yet to be paid. I'd not do work with them.

    • Hi Armando,

      Have you been paid yet?

    • Armando,

      I too have not been paid by them. I refuse to do another BPO. I was promised $100 for a commercial BPO that was turned around quickly. Emily from Brillion will not return my emails or phone messages. Karma!

  • I juts got an e-mail saying they need agents. If they need agents, why would they ask so much money for each each type membership they have. This is crazy

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