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  • Hi there - My name is Syed - and I would like to know if you know any asset managers from the banks selling bulk wholesale packages of assets cre commercial sfr residential and notes npn pn



  • Yes, I can give you the local info.
  • Hi John, how was reomac? worth the trip?
  • It's panning out to be the sleeper event of the year. Came out of nowhere and has a good lineup. I'm pretty excited to be the student for the first time in a while. If you're going hit me up:
  • Support breast cancer charities!!!!
  • John,

    Glad you could make it! I was running around meeting with many old colleagues and new alike. I ended up on a yacht cruise with Fidelity that went well so I was late to the REOMasters Penthouse party, but I heard that it went really well.

    Are you going to the Las Vegas event next week?

  • Hi John

    Please Can you send it to me too. I can't find the first part of mine.
  • John,

    Just posted an update for NFSTI REOMasters Network on REOMAC on my profile. Contact (Ruth) to get on an email list for the event in FL next week. We are being careful of other group's events hence our delay in announcing our own get-together since ours will be more informal.

  • Looking forward to meeting with you.
  • Hello John,
    Great to hear you will be reviewing Aspen Grove and iAgent. We have chosen not to exhibit at 5 Star as we just attended REOMAC in April in Palm Springs. We have advertised with DS News for their October issue which will be launched at the conference so you can check us out in that for additional information. Our CEO will be attending the conference, so if you would be interested in meeting with him to see the system, let me know and I can check his availability for a demo.
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