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OK, I have learned my lesson. We should listen to Jessies wise words. I did pay to join AMS REO and FAS, INC. I have never received any type of business from either of them in the many months since I have registered. Has anyone had success with either of these companies? I have sent emails to AMS REO, the emails bounce back which leads me to believe this company was a scam. I send emails to FAS and they are delivered but I never receive a response. Is it me?
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  • We have been working with FAS doing BPO's since September and they have been great to work with, AND they pay for their BPO's. We've received 4 assignments from them since December.
  • Sorry to hear of you bad experience Mr. Khan.
  • FAS INC is a joke to me. They took my money and did not even want to talk to me. Gabriella at the Reomac Florida was rude and disrespectful as well as Bubba. I wish I would share this with everyone.
  • Thats great to hear JD. There is hope.
  • I have received 2 REO Listings from FAS after being a member for almost a year and they are very good to work for.
  • Yes, just like United REO. I paid the 498 like a fool and the 27 a month like a fool again I was too busy to catch what I was doing. When I decided after months of no contact from them to cancel, I called them sent them emails and they never responded. At which point I began to think they were scammers. I had to call my bank and cancel my card to get them to stop billing me every month.
  • Hello John,

    I would like to recommend that you join the Aspen Grove agent network through Aspen iAgent™.

    As an REO agent, iAgent™ can help you successfully manage your REO Property Portfolio using a completely web-based software. The annual fee for iAgent is $349.00 applicable at registration; however, unlike many of the other agent networks, iAgent comes with many additional features which can add benefit to your business.

    As an iAgent user, you will be on a list of agents accessible to Aspen Grove’s REO and BPO clients. If a client is looking for an agent in your area you will be listed there and the client can choose you for REO/BPO work.

    Aspen iListing is a free additional service for all iAgent users which applies to all properties listed in iAgent. You will get to directly market all your properties on FREE of charge. iListing is marketed to buyers via mailing lists, Google ads and web search optimization. Buyer’s agents can register on iListing and automatically submit offers on your properties and submit all of the pre-approval and required documents directly to you in iAgent.

    You will be also listed on Aspen iListing when a buyer is looking for an agent. In other words you may receive buyer referrals on Aspen iListing for free.

    Some of the addition perks include:
    First 20 properties added to the system are FREE
    Receive credit for cancelled properties
    A once and once only charge of just $14.95 per property

    You can register online at or for more information on the company, Aspen Grove, visit

  • Thanks for that information Pamela, I will keep up the REOtrans account and hope for a connection.
  • I have had good luck with enhanced listing and extra zips on REOTrans. That is how I picked up my biggest client.
  • Hey John...I have that same question...responses appreciated regarding REOTrans and extra fees for enhanced profile and extra zip codes...inquiring minds want to know.


    Denise Stovall
    Sonoma County
    Northern California
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