• Yes, it was by invitaion only. It was a good training. 225 brokers/day for 5 days= over 1100 brokers just for CA. I think that was alot.
  • Forth,

    I go the email and will have staff attend at Five Star. Im in your market and too got a password and log in over one year ago. Unfortunatley still nothing in the way of working with Fannie Direct; however I am hopeful that will change in the near future. I do have two outsourcers that assign me Fannie Listings, so I wonder if that is how I got the inviate. After all the Fannie Mae Master Listing Agreement dosent change. If the do however go to equator, I guess I better beef up my zip codes. The only time I paid for zips was when a client told me they were using that system for assignemts. The whole time, i never got a random assignment from other clients eventhough I was payhg for zips. I truely belive that the relation ship has to be there and if you do get a random assignment its due to a fluke or because they don't have an agent in that area. Time well tell.
    Much Success To You. FYI_ we work a deal several years ago. Im glad to see your still in the biz...
  • Interesting...everyone who is registered and got the email, please speak up. I got a hint from one of my AMC's that Fannie Mae is going to Equator so that may be part of the training. I do a lot of work for this one outsourcer, all Fannie Mae but I too also got a SAP login and password over a year ago, so I am ever hopeful this may be a step to Fannie expanding their broker panel. The invitation to 5 star was for 500 and quickly filled up. I also received an email from a friend across the country that another training was being held in CA, so maybe they are holding more in other locations.
    • When I was researching the invite, I did find a class in California also, but I did not receive an invite to that one although I live in California. Did your email confirmation contain all the videos to watch ?..
      I also got an email today from a reo company that I do not remember signing up with (however, there are so many.. I may have just forgot). The email contain a user name and passord. The weird thing is my Broker got the same email with a different login/password. The only application that I ever entered his info on, was the Fannie Mae application. I google'd the company name and they do not come up in google, I looked on Who's Who and it shows the website was established in 2004, a little old to be a REO scam. The site did not ask for money or contacts... so, I am wondering if it is part of fannie mae.
  • I am registered to attend Fannie training. My understanding is class is now full. It is listed in latest book released by 5 Star. It replaced training by Owen REO.
  • I am going to 5 star and also registered with Fannie mae. Did not get any email from them so far...
    • I got the invitation email last week and registered immediately and I got a confirmation email along with the "homework" videos to watch prior to attending.
      I was asking here... because I asked several other local agents and did searches on this forum as well as other forums and could not find anyone talking about it. I found that odd...
      I know there are a lot of changes coming with Fannie Mae (and other banks), so I was just trying to see if anyone else got the invite.
      I got the SAP login and password a couple months ago, but have never received and assignment. I have read that getting the login/password is just the 1st step in getting approved so, I hope attending the training will expedite the process.
      Pointers on the approval process are welcome..
  • Hi Walter,
    i got something like that about sometime ago, but i delete the email, thinking that it was false- it was true than? do you still have that email? i wouder if it was the same email?
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