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Anybody sign up with this company? They want to charge me $75 for a processing fee that dosen't gurantee anything. They look reputable, focusing alot of the property rental aspect, but these days you just don't know who's in it for real or using the signup as a business model.

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  • One could go broke signing if one signed up for every one who solicited for REO agents. I ask the following two questions when they ask to pay to play. 1. Can you guarantee me listings in my area? 2. Can I talk to three agents who are using your service and getting listings? This usually flushes out the system rather quickly.
  • Just got a call back from them late last week. Feb 3rd to current... They left a message to send my questions to an email address.
    I am not interested in working with a company that takes 3 weeks to call you back.
  • We received an email too and I was just doing some research on the company and stumbled upon this forum. Showed up on the first page of google! So glad you all are sharing your experiences, especially with these companies that want to charge us money. I had in my notes that I met Desiree, their Account Management Director, at Five Star. Guess I'll shoot her an email and see what they have going on in Georgia.
  • Had a conversation with one of the "high ups" there and it seemed that they were trying to find their way as an organization. They have interest in commercial and residential, but don't seem to do either particularly well.

    I have kept in touch, but nothing has come through for my side (preservation and rehab). If I were a realtor, I would not pay anything for "promised" properties.
    • Great info here. Received same email. Too much of this out there. So many desperate new agents looking for there way into the business. These companies feed on these agents.
  • It seems that a lot of agents received their email, it reminds me of absolute reo, they were also soliciting agents. It is interesting that these companies solicit agents to sign with them, but the companies that actually we know they have the inventory and we all want to sign with them and develop business relationships, never solicit, it is actually the other way around.
    • Agreed. The companies that actually have assets are fighting the agents off with sticks...they're not out fighting to get $75 from unsuspecting agents.

      If only everyone were REOPro members, they would know to avoid companies like this until the company shows proven results.
  • I just got the email today and posted note on linkedin ---
    FYI - I called the number on the website they listed and received their 3rd party answering service. They said they were a small company and were out to lunch most likely. I did leave my name and number for call back. Several hours later I have not received a call back.
    I"m with Daniel there are way too many of these out there to know which are true. If you know any that do work would love the info.
    • They were at Five Star, but told me they didn't have a need in my area at the time(MD ,DC VA)
  • Got it too...cant remember if they were at Fivestar or not.
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