• Gitta,

    I suggested this to on of our clients and it works every time One of brokers creates one of those checks that the auto dealers send you with the CFK amount doubled......He then stamps "stop payment on it"....He then....


    1. Do you just need a face to face...? this will work

    2. Do you want him to sign a CFK without doing any hard work or followup?..- this aint it..

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  • I have contacted the condo or hoa (when it is a condo bldg with no access) and sometimes they provide access to post KYO, other times, i have to wait for CT and then they will provide access to post.  I also always send via mail as well and sometimes the occupant will contact me from the mail without actually going to their door.  Good luck !!!

  • Thank you for the feedback. Pulling a vacant property works for BPO pictures but doing a CFK can really land you in hot water with the cops. Spoke to the management company, they want a CT and a letter from the bank stating that we are the listing agent. Once we have received both documents we will email them to the HOA and get access. In the meantime the eviction is ongoing and the cash offer will be cut way back. So the tenant is loosing out.
    • Sounds like it.

      Have you communicated with the tenant that they are on the losing end of this? I would think that might light a fire under their bums.

      Good luck!

  • An occupant isn't interested in CFK? I can see having a difficult time getting a KYO in to a gated development... but in my experience, once I tell them I have money for them, they become the most cooperative people on the planet.

  • Advise the client ASAP. Registered or certified mail, return receipt requested is another way to deliver it. That shows the client you have tried all means possible.
  • I have previously contacted the HOA directly, and assuming there is one here that might be a way to go.  I did gain access to the home to deliver CFK docs by calling the HOA and informing them I represented the new owner and I was required by the new owner to deliver documents to the home.

  • You have to go back to the company and inform them that the property is in a guard gated community. That it is not possible to serve a homeowner a CFK. As someone in this discussion had mentioned about following someone in or calling a listing agent for a gate code, if this property is in Calififornia you had better not do that. If you were to you could be arrested for trespassing by the person who you are trying to serve or by anyone else within the gated community.

  • I can give you a couple of tricks that I have used. You can always watch the gate and time it to see if it is possible for you to drive thru right behind a car that gains entry before you (provided there is no guard on duty). Also, you can call an agent that had a prior listing in the community and ask them for the gate code. Hope this helps.
  • I'd consult with the local police or sheriff department for starters and see if they can give you some guidance.   I don't remember if I had the same problem initially but a particular owner was thousands of dollars behind in HOA fees and a pain in the ... so the guard and HOA management just let me through eventually.   This particular gated community lets me through for drive by and interior BPOs.

    I'd also leave the paperwork with the guard to deliver. The guard should have given you a contact for the  HOA management as well.

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