Alan Powers replied to Gitta Urbainczyk's discussion CFK in a man gated community
"I can give you a couple of tricks that I have used. You can always watch the gate and time it to see if it is possible for you to drive thru right behind a car that gains entry before you (provided there is no guard on duty). Also, you can call an…"
Jan 30, 2015
Alan Powers replied to Gabriel Salas's discussion BPO contact
"Yes. You are right Patrick. I do not do too many interiors myself because of the money issue. Since there is more time involved my bottom price for an interior order is $125 for my area (most companies only want to pay $65-$90)."
Jan 5, 2015
Alan Powers replied to Gabriel Salas's discussion BPO contact
"No I haven't. But you did the right thing. You provided the comps (and the BPO report) to the best of your ability. The attorney should be knowledgeable enough to know that you must provide your own comps. Personally, I would not respond to the…"
Jan 5, 2015
Alan Powers replied to Darlene M Untermeyer's discussion Equi-Trax
"Since there has been a significant slow down in the past month in my area for BPO's (southeastern Virginia) I was thinking that it may have something to do with the fiscal year coming to an end. Most banks/lenders may be holding off on orders until…"
Sep 24, 2014
Alan Powers replied to Pam Maglione's discussion I had never heard of a "Zombie Foreclosure". Have you?
"From what I read in a recent article on DS News they are homes where the foreclosure process has started but was never completed. Thus, the home owner leaves the property abandoned before the process is completed."
Aug 8, 2014