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Since 2009, my team and I have been very fortunate to have worked with thousands of BPO & REO professionals all over this great nation. During these last 7 years that my software company has existed, I try to do a special blog posting once a year, where I give my top 10 favorite BPO mills or companies that I recommend that people sign up with to do BPO work.

Below you will find a list of my absolute favorite companies. Know that I am using my own industry experience as well as that of many of our software subscribers.

Nicole Ocean, Founder of BPOA

Here is my Top 10:

1. Altisource

2. Proteck

3. RRR

4. Clear Capital

5. eMortgage Logic

6. BPO Fulfillment

7. Servicelink

8. Specialized Asset Management

9. Solutionstar

10. SWBC (fka: Equi-Trax)


Bonus: Honorable mention goes to: Single Source Property Solutions

Top BPO Portals: and Equator


There you go! Please note, I choose the above companies because they all have a combination of being:

  • A stable company
  • Around and in business for years
  • Able to maintain a positive reputation in the industry overall
  • Having a high volume of BPO work across the nation
  • Smart enough to have adopted the NABPOP's BPOSG
  • Seen in the industry as a good company to work for.

To wrap this up, I can guarantee that if you are signed up, with more than one of the above companies (and don't have all your "BPO eggs" in just one basket, you are more likely to be successful in this niche business)

Not Signed Up With All of the Above Companies Yet?

We've made it easy to sign up with the companies listed above in our FREE BPO Companies Directory. Click here to go there now!

I hope you enjoyed reading this posting and if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help. Simply post a comment below!


Nicole Ocean,
Founder & Owner
BPO Automation Group LLC


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Nicole Ocean is a national speaker, previously certified real estate instructor, BPO trainer and coach. She's worked with every MLS system in the US and has been teaching and helping thousands of real estate professionals all over the United States for the last 15+ years.

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  • Do you have an updated list?

  • How does your product allow autofill on ServiceLink new platform released recently?

    It needs to be typed in for security reason.

  • Thanks Nicole for sharing.

    I do work for Proteck, RRReview ( the fastest pay of the group),  some from PCV Murcor and afew form MCS (formely Corelogic). Your list is on target.

  • Just wanted to and my two cents here: this niche business is all about volume, using systems, ensuring a quick turnaround time, having a high vendor rating or score (Becoming a preferred agent when possible) and diversification. When you have the right balance of all of these items, you should be thriving.

  • If they have volume I will to but at the moment it's probably about 3 to 5 a week which makes it tough to do but I take what I can and do them interiors I will only accept if vacant
  • I have  a local credit union chain that pays $30 for a driveby but its only 3 photos and then about 30 seconds to hit a few buttons. I get 1 to 5 a day so its nice bread and butter. I make about 10K a year from them so I take anything even if its 20 miles away. I'll have to see if its worth it to take ProTeck. If they send me a bunch Ill be happy.

  • Protek pays low very very low I refuse to touch any of their interiors and restrict my area to 4 miles it's gas money bpos
  • I agree with Barbara about Proteck. I just signed up with them. At frst I was receiving emails that asked 'Hvae you looked at the order we sent you' but upon going to my sign in there was nothing. That happened three times. I had NOT received any notice that orders were pending. So I just got a real notice today and grabbed it fast, only to see they pay $38 for a driveby thats about 17 miles from me. So far my lowest paying driveby company has been at $45. Ill have to complete the form before I can judge its user friendlyness. I dont like $38 for a fee but want to see what the process is like and if I get many more orders to make it worth it.

  • Has anyone signed up and paid for Equator?? If so have you seen any bpo work or listings out of it??? Just curious I was thinking of signing up but hesitant because of the fee. 

  • I don't see Goodman Dean on this list.  They have many orders in my area and pay promptly. 

This reply was deleted.