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  • Unfortuntely...NOTHING...I signed up over a year ago, they still have me on the "WAITING LIST". ;( I have seen Rookie Agents Approved in less time and are currently recieving REO Assignments. I am convinced it is all about CONNECTIONS...Not QUALIFICATIONS!
  • Thanks for the invite Stephen!
  • Thank you Stephen for the friend! I'm getting familiar with REOPRO site and thing it will be resourceful.
    I noticed you are a member of the Harris group I'm going to join as well. Have a nice day!
  • Hello Steve!

    Nothing...Not One. After pursuing Indy for over a year....I took a break around October "08". There were three of us, aggressively, going after Indy. When Indy reopen the on-line training course, frustrated, I opted not to join the other two agents in spending more money. They went ahead and took the course and are now getting Listings from Indy. Talk about "BAD TIMING"! NO BREAKS ALLOWED!
  • Thank you! That's great to know. I just signed up with them and the mgr I spoke with couldn't tell me how many orders but they were really pushing the short sale aspect of it. Are you having luck getting short sales with them and if so, is being linked up with Titanium helping in the time/approval process?
  • Hello Stephen D. kady, I look forward to exchanging email and sharing experiences.
  • Thanks I will keep that in mind
  • Yes, HO paid $10 per signature (2). I have a notary friend who will do them for me and will not charge the HO travel and gas time to help them out so I told the homeowner that they could go out and get the papers notorized or I could send someone over and she choose to have somone come to them.
  • Hi Stephen,I only had 5 assignments so fair I am in dfw area not many here,but you are right if they did not make the payment I would have got the listing,I my still get the listing if that cant get caught up,I show that I care and offer to help in any way.
  • Nope. I got as far as you did. I'm not going to give anyone a credit card number, or money, until I have established that they are credible and worthy.
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