Has anyone received REO listings from any of these companies?  I am located in Los Angeles and we have a ton of Foreclosures around me by BofA, Aurora, Wells Fargo etc.  I am tired of paying money to Equator and the big companies and never reciving a listings.  They all want money to learn how to use their website/platform and all the disclosures say there is no guarantee.  Has anyone received REO listings through any of these companies?

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  • I get listings on both Res.net and equator. These are just platforms the banks use. 

  • Anyone work with ResidentialClaims.com I have been offered a listing.
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  • i did get reo listings from resnet  via out sourcers but on a limited basis.  At one time is was getting up to 10 listings per month from usres only if i did driveby bpos for free but it reached a point where if i did over 100 to 150 driveby's would only get one listing and become economicaly not feasible.. resnet and usres are located at the same building and floor and there is an association between the 2  
  • Equator has worked for me (cover about 25 zips) and for several other agents in this area. I would continue with them. That was the advise I got before from a local agent and she was right :)
  • I could not agree with you more about all these companies!!  I wish "someone" or some entity ( NAR) could "represent" us agents and put a stop to it!  I did get one, I guess, from equator.  It was an asset management company and they did say they found me on equator.  I also asked if "their" certifications that they always encourage us to take AND pay for, made a difference.  I believe they stated, "not really".  I wish we as agents could do something about this.  These companies are DEFINITELY making money today and alot of real estate agents are not!!  Any suggestions?
  • I signed up with USRES sometime ago (maybe 2 years).  In the fall I got an email from them asking me to list one of thier properties.  I was very excited.  At the time I had to sign up for res.net to use that system to manage the asset. The problem may be the number of other agents in your area.



  • I am also from L.A. area I have sent Res Net my dues and signed up  with Amp. I also am a member of Equator. I have never received any business from either. After I spent app $700 with Res Net they came out with a new banner campaign and charged extra per zip, which all the zips I work in were taken.
  • Yes,,,
  • Agreed; yes, yes, and yes!  :-)
  • YES,YES,YES....

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