Recently I heard Ocwen started a online Realty service where they no longer need listing agents in California.(so they think) I was getting from 1-4 listings a day down to maybe a re-assignment or 2 a month, Has anyone experienced this and are they still getting new listings in Ca or only re-assignments? I have worked day and night servicing the accounts and it is a little disappointing.
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  • I've sign up with go homing in hopes to receive some listing from Altisource. Has anyone receive listings from them?

  • Please note OCWEN has created its own brokerage operation in many states and has more than enough realtors in other areas too. Hence we do not need REO agents any more. 

    Thank you for your interest.


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    The above message is from Ocwen's REO Dept.  Ocwen  has become nothing more than a bpo mill.   i don't think the business model is going to be successful.  As more agents get wind of this information and stop doing bpos Ocwen will be forced to change.

  • Thanks! I am trying to get in with a few more Companies- I have been working with Freddie Mac for 3 years now and want to get more Assets. Just trying to get noticed!! J
  • Julie, also when they ask for a credit card number just put in "I don't have one" it is free to sign up.App does take awhile but worth it.
  • Julie go to Realtrans and look for vendor signup.
  • How did you sign up with Ocwen??
  • I made an offer on altisource.com on 3/14/10. My buyer asked for 3% seller contribution for cc and $2000 in estimated repairs. I thought it was great till I got no replies to emails and phone calls. On 3/24/10 I finally got an email from listing agent asking for buyer to sign seller addendum, contract and disclosures. I sent those back same day. Next day I get an email stating that they see no record of seller paid closing costs. It is palinly there in the online offer on altisource. My offer is now cancelled. Talk about a headache. I think they are in India or something. I got a call from 572-4 and 462-91...those are strange phone numbers. I have hit a roadblock and my buyer is not happy. My goal is to make my clients happy and these guys are standing in the way of that progress. Help anybody?


  • Listen, OCWEN sucks!! Just my personal opinion but, I have never heard anything good about these people. I have heard they cut commissions, hard to deal with and have the worse customer service you can imagine.

    I can't say i saw this coming however, I can almost assure you that this move by OCWEN is going to be a fluke.

    Many Asset Management companies are starting to thinking of acting as thier own brokers. They see how much money they are paying out in commissions and are now deciding to save that money by bringing on thier own agents, much like large builders do.

    So, once again, it's all about personal relationships and who you know because the industry will soon be changing again.
  • OCWEN is listing all new propertieswith a Broker in Riverside. Apparently he is an employee of REALHome Services and Solutions. This is the name of the brokerage company in California and Nevada that is owned by OCWEN. They are piloting the program in CA and NV. All offers must be submitted to through www.ocwen.com.
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  • Any stories about REO listings that were priced so low that it just created havoc? I had one in West Covina, Ca where the Asset Mgr had me list it for $100k under my recommended start price. The city needed crowd control for all the traffic, I had 5 agents answering phones and had to go thru over 100 offers. I finally changed the price on my own and all of a sudden,asset mgr didn't work there anymore
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