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  • Richard,
    Yes, I converted my very first assignment into listing with BoA and slated to close at the end of the month. I am currently on pause with Titanium because of time constraint.
    Be patience and good luck!
  • Richard,

    I've done 100's of Titanium assignments, lost count. I've rec'd a few Short Sale assignments, but they were already listed. Most of the assignments for loan modifications are still in the trial period and a few have turned into permanent mods so that is good for the homeowner. In the past I've had a huge amount of vacant homes that have ended up as REO's.

    I almost did a short sale for 1, but then at the last minute they changed their mind and let it go into foreclosure with no explanation...You just never know.
  • Richard, no listings and don't know if they coming:) I've heard a lot of noise about. But for now it's all the same....
  • I have not had any listing assignments at all....not been able to convert to short sales either. A little hesitant, as some of the Wells letters state that they are not in trouble....
  • I have yet to get a listing too, I am working on one right now,I am hoping this might be the One!!!
  • Hey Richard,

    Lately I have not had any assignments from Titanium. I almost got one listing from an assignment.
  • Hello Richard,
    I have been a member of Titanuim Solutions for few years and the past year I over 60 assignements with none turning into a listing. I never mention that during my appointment but I do clarify that in addition to being and HRC I am also a Realtor. Good luck.
  • Hello Richard,
    No listings so far lots of assignments also. I have had several referrals and are working with others trying to do loan modifications. I do have a potential of working with a client that i went on recently that has two investment properties she is currently thinking of short selling. I do know if she does I will get the listings.
  • Hi Richard, I haven't listed anything from Titanium either. I did 8 assignments this week alone, and I never once even mentioned it. Wait, I do get approved short sales, but they are always on the market already. I do these for the extra revenue, not listings. ;)
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Take care.
  • Thanks for writing. After 12 assignments with one minor discrepancy, I do not get assignments lately. It is a great way to prospect. I actually follow the TS guideline not to push the issue of listing short much. I have one candidate from the 12 contemplating short sale. To me, selling your home is the last item on someones agenda. You give people the options. I also ask for referrals.
    TS is no different from door knocking farming from a paid default list. The harder one works, the better chances are. To get results like Michele one must be very resourceful. Just like farming it is a numbering game.
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