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  • Looking for an agent to send a buyer referral to near and around Plato or Northern Texas. Please send me a message at Richard
  • Hi Charles,
    I just started with Titanium and i have done a few HI. I guess my question is how do you know what your score is and how or what it takes to be selected for the Excellen REO Dept.? thanks for your respond.
  • You sound so encouraging about Titanium. I go with in three days to make a report and athey remove the property from me. I show up at a clients home they have another HRC or the client already is facing the attorney eviction and an agent has the listing- wow I was doing good with titanium way back before the short sales came about the ones i did have The good report -i gained with a seller was enderd fast , i see that the bank owned properties came to surface for 1/2 less that what i presended and offer for. now i get assignments with no one assigned. whats happening and so they say i need more training. i thinks its the system they have i love titanium but they need some training too i think. as what we agent have to confront on these assignmemts
  • I have software called Address Book which was produced by Broadbund in late 90's. It is no limit on capacity and works with Vista too. I have been using since 1998. I will pass on the software to you to evaluate if you would like. (i.e. mail CD) There is no copyright on it anymore. I think it has potential to be rewritten by some computer geek to tweek it a bit. But anyway works for me and I have almost 3k names and 6mb of data
  • Charles, I'm sorry. I probably read fast and made my comment. I appreciate you letting me know.

    David Wiggins
    Reno, NV
  • Hi Charles,
    My opinion for what it's worth is that many of the lenders, including Wachovia, do not know the code of ethics under which we operate. I think that trying to get a short sale owner to drop a listing with another company, just because the bank would like it better, is stepping over the line. If I did it in Reno, I know any good agent would file a complaint against me with our local Board of Realtors.
  • I have the same story about Wachovia/Wells
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