• Those auto fill companies are the reason the BPO business is going away. They also provide the auto capture software for BPO mills. They will not tell you that because the asset managers are not suppose to allow it because of the security risk to the banks. The software program they are using is just like a hacking the computer. It interrupt the email blast so the orders are re-routed to a particular location. That is wrong and a security risk. 

      • Auto accept is what is killing you getting  BPO assignments. I can be sitting at my computer an order comes up lets say from RRReview and all you have to do is open the email and click on accept. As fast as you do this the order is already done. Alltisource, SAMReo, Clear Capital, and many more fall into this group. I have talked over the phone to people about this at these companies and they all say they do not approve of auto accept and they will look into it. They don't.  They don't care who does the BPO as long as they get it done. I agree it is like hacking into the system but they just turn a deaf ear.I have been with Clear Capital since 2002 and use to get alot of orders. Last year I got two orders. I am told that there are alot of agents in my area and I ask them if these agents have been with you for 15 years like I have been and they just mumble out an answer. I tell them also about the auto accept and they say the do not approve but again they do nothing about it. Once in awhile RReview with send an exclusive order directly to me and I can accept it and do get it done. Throwing BPO assignments in the air and lowering pricing is just the way it goes now. As far as auto fill companies credit for coming up with the idea as it is just a way they make alot of money using out of country slave rooms. Do you really want to give these people access into your MLS using your credentials? I also can not believe auto fill companies are not the same people or are in bed with the auto accept. 

      • Some agents and one SoCal real estate company that I know of, that I won't name, will outsource their order capturing to countries like the Philippines, Vietnam and China. They'll have people babysitting your BPO accounts to capture any available orders the second they pop up. They'll take a $3 per order cut for doing it. That way they can get around the "auto-accepter" software that agents are not suppose to be using. These outsourced companies will also do your orders for you for an additional fee. All you have to do is go out, take the pictures and upload them into the order. The only thing is you have to allow access to your MLS for them to search out the comps. In my area that is a major violation that can get you in a bit of trouble if you get caught. 

      • Hi Doris, are you talking about a specific AutoAccept software company doing this?

        Our old retired Order Central AutoAccept software didn't do what you describe.

        My company does offer AutoFill software to help with the data entry side of filling in BPO and REO forms, there is no conflict with this other type of software. Although, we don't work with the BPO mills themselves and instead cater directly to help offer a tool to the real estate professional that is completing the order, companies should NOT have any problem or say-so about what tools an agent/broker uses to do their job as efficiently as possible.

        I just wanted to help clear up any confusion that might be out there about AutoAccept and AutoFill software, they are not the same thing and I've seen that there are two AutoAccept software companies in the industry presently that look semi-legitimate. One is transparent about who they are the other you don't really know who you are working with and the biggest challenge is that most BPO Mills forbid their users from using BPO AutoAccept software. They will go as far as to track someone's login info and the IP address that was used. It's become something that we didn't want to be a part of anymore, so I sold our Order Central AutoAccept 3 years ago, although it helped make millions for our users at the time. Be careful, get educated and know that if you do something against a BPO companies policy, you may get fired, so be smart!
  • They are extremely slow to pay.  Sometimes it takes several phone calls.  Not worth the time invested to do the work and chase down the payment.

    • I found that they pay 45-60 days.  Steady income from them.  Started getting checks about first of every month.

  • ya - they want to pay 35 and I guess someone will do them for that- they have one of the most time consuming forms to work and I never take them.

    • I actually like their form, at least for the desktop.
  • Ronald, I dropped them BEFORE completing an order due to the very very low pay they were offering in my area. It was like 17 dollars for a bpo and I laughed at them !

    • Never accept what they offer!  I always respond with my fee and they accept unless someone under bids me.

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