• This is the WORST company you could EVER do business with they DO NOT pay on time I deleted my account after waiting 6 months for a check.. I advised them i was sending an email to the entire county advisors realtors not to do any more work for them .. I got paid

  • I always remind my self that no BPO is more profitable than a BPO completed and never paid.  And I don't like having to chase companies to pay me for work I have completed and they owe me for. They are infringing on my time and ultimately costing me more money and opportunity. It just isn't worth working for these non-paying companies.

  • Rip off rpt

  • The 1st time I did work for them I sent them a letter requesting payment as we were gong on 4 months and they still owed me for 2 from the previous year. No response. I sent them a certified letter threatening legal action and was emailed 2 weeks later that a check was mailed out. Got a check from some accounting company out of Florida. I didn't do any work for them for awhile and decided to do a couple more just to see if they got their act together. They are now 4 months behind on payment again on 2 bpo's. I already sent them a letter and once again no response. It's been 2 months since. Next step is to do the certified letter threatening legal action again. Not doing anymore orders for them. Logging complaint with BBB and RipOff report. 

  • threaten to call their clients...

  • Got a check from Valuation Vision today. 

  • Had many problems with them, stopped taking orders - took one year to get paid with numerous calls and emails.

  • I had to threaten them with going to the Attorney General or their bank clients, got paid in full and I no longer will do work for them

  • The last check I got was in October 2014 covering June.

    Unfortunately I did more work and haven't seen anything since.  Poor poor Eric in payables hahaha paid to lie and has to live with it.  Wait til his paycheck bounces! 

    They keep calling me with tons of orders that some fool is accepting for a pitiful $35.00 but I'm not doing any more work for them.

    I doubt we'll every get paid...just waiting for them to bite the dust like other BPO companies that get us to do the work, they get paid and keep our money!!!  Really sad and typical foreign maneuver, can't carry on a simple phone conversation with names they can't even pronounce....use the American dummies. 

  • They sent me about a hundred orders over the previous past 2 days.

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