• Are you kidding?  99% of home owner's backyard is close to a junk yard. You need to make significant adjustment...

    See nothing, hear nothing say nothing....

  • It's technically already here. - The problem is that you need to hire a pilot, a set of photos would cost hundreds, turn around time is abysmal, and I don't think the companies would accept angled aerial views.

    Give it 10-15 years and perhaps large cities will have drone networks where you could sync to individual drones and control it with a simple nintendo style remote with USB from your computer.  Amazon wants to carve out airspace from 200-400ft so if that's the case you'd have to break air traffic rules.  The network would flag if there's a missing drone so perhaps you'd need a private network to go rouge.

  • LOL, I think the day will come....

  • Actually...before Fedex, we used DHL, 1 hour photo, glued the photos to the pages...and overnight to asset manager..and yes TYPED our bpos out on a typewriter. Pre 1998.

    ...the department of Health and Human Services still uses them for Death Certificates-go figure.

  • Drones are legal in public airspace. When a drone Flys over private airspace they are violating homeowners rights and when equipped with video or go pro equipment this becomes invasion of privacy. Someone shot one down and was arrested, but legislation on the books will prevent drones from invading people's privacy under that states laws. If a drone flew into my backyard the owner would be liable for trespassing...and yes I would shoot it down. Drones have no place in out business except for commercial real estate, military reconnaissance and local authorities. Drive the property take the pics do the bpo and move ain't broke don't fix it. The lazy generation alive and well
  • I have seriously considered it. I know of a few times when I sure could have used a drone to swoop in and take pics before the homeowner knew what was going on. Beats having to sneak up on a home at 5 am to get pics or have a homeowner release his dogs on you and then later have to take them to small claims court to sue them for damages to your car. 

    I'd have to learn how to fly one of those things. I've seen some of those 4 rotor drones that are just larger than a Frisbee with auto stabilization and 5 megapixel camera for under $200. 

  • You'd need a drone small enough to not need an FAA license.  Somewhere between the birds and the bees.

  • I like the concept, but the picture is really just a portion of the inspection... this is the same reason we can't just have Google Maps take our pictures (although that won't stop listing agents from using the street view pic).

    Many people think a picture is all a BPO inspection is. Maybe since BPO companies are now paying peanuts, that's what it's become... but the inspection itself should be so much more than, "Click, Click, Click, Done".

  • You'll need an FAA license,  file flight plans,  etc.  I don't think it will work for all of the interiors that I do, but now that Best Buy is advertising drones,  I got to thinking about this too. 

    Then, again,  if we could do it,  our clients could do it too. Another way to cut our fees. 

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