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NOT sure what to make out of this.  I took on a few low paid bpos through ORTC's spin off, Last one was 1 year ago. At that time they wanted me to consistently take all orders in my area. I told them the fees were kind of low.  I wanted to hear what others thought of this solicitation which will cost 2nd year.

Sam Shueh

Silicon Valley, CA


Dear Consolidated Analytics Valued Broker/Agent,

Consolidated Analytics, a recognized national provider of real estate valuation and review services to the mortgage industry, is bringing on a top tier lender/client. In order for our Agents to perform BPO services for our new client, they are requiring you to register with their Vendor Registration platform known as CONNECT! by ClearValue Consulting.

CONNECT! offers a Premier Membership that allows Consolidated Analytics streamlined and integrated access to all participating vendors’ profiles.  This service will automatically update your coverage areas, service offerings, and license and E&O information within Consolidated Analytics’ panel, as well as the panels of other active and participating AMC/BPO companies with which you are or can become linked.  To encourage your participation, Consolidated Analytics will pay your first year membership.  Upon registering, follow the Membership link, which will show your normal balance, and use the coupon code shown below.  This coupon code is valid for a limited time only, expiring on April 1, 2015. Therefore, it is in your best interest to register for the Premium Membership immediately, as we are actively seeking to establish or designate preferred vendor relationships in key volume areas.

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  • I signed up. I don't get much from them, they send lots of orders but usually at $35-40, I've only done a few where no one else accepted and I got them up to $60-65 for a drive by. But I signed up because it didn't cost anything and I didn't have to enter any credit card info so no worry about an auto renewal. I do such low volume with them that if I have to pay in a year I probably won't.

  • Our office has completed a lot of BPO work for Consolidated Analytics through their current Quandis platform. We have found their BPO fees to be competitive with other BPO companies and they pay consistently. Consolidated is providing the coupon code so it is free for the first year on this new platform, no cost to our agents. I asked Consolidated what happens after the 1st year and they said that they do not anticipate ever charging agents to complete BPO orders for them.


    Our office has always found Consolidated Analytics' team to be easy to work with. Some of our agents already have experience with Clear Value through AMO and have reported the site as being easy to use. 

  • You know, I went ahead and did the sign up. It was free. If I get anything out of it I'll make the choice to either continue and pay the monthly fee or drop it.

    It seems like they were doing this before through another site with their name on it. That was also a $10 a month fee, but also had a free subscription.  

  • I followed up with this and registered for the site. The coupon code works and there is no out of pocket cost. They DO try to get you to sign up for a few other companies (that I've never heard of) for $10 a month each. I declined. Once this current code expires, I'll weigh my options. I don't mind paying to use a site (hell, is expensive, but it pays for itself within one closing)... but I'm not going to pay even $10 a month for a chance to maybe get some potential low-ball work.

    I guess we'll see what happens.

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