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Any comments on BPO Fulfillment? I keep receiving BPO's from them from outside my coverage but the prices are finally to a point that makes it very worth my time, since most are grouped together. They appear to be a BPO mill company, mostly for Carrington and Main Street Valuations. Wondering if anyone had pay issues with them?


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  • BPO fulfillment pays usually 30-45 days and have never had a problem,. The problem I have is most of the BPO's are out of my area    The main problem I have with BPO fulfillment  is the same problem I have with Altisource,  RRReview,  Computershare (the old SAMREO) and a couple of other sites and that is the auto accept. I can be sitting in front of my computer and click on a site right away to get an order and it is already gone.

  • I've gotten email requests from them recently, but I'm having issues with my login. Called, no answer and nor has anyone called me back. Emailed, no response. That's frustrating. 

    • I too have been trying to reach them.  No response to email or answer their phones.  I sure hope they haven't gone out of business.   They owe me a bunch of money

  • Mainstreet is the kind of template encouraging one to copy past, upload all mls. I don't even think they have QA.  I ignore all normal pay rpts and when I feel like going out of the area I take several together at $75 or more. Last summer I had coastal beach orders twice. I made out fine with 24 drive by orders.

  • Their form is getting worse and worse with each order I complete!!

  • Arent they they same as Xome

  • Anybody else having major technical issues with their form?  I keep getting an error message that the date/time stamp on my photos doesn't matchup with the inspection date.  Now it's calculating distances wrong from the subject property.  Does anybody else get numerous threshold questions that seem repetitive?

    They basically want a full appraisal at 1/10th the cost.  Might be time to get licensed!!

  •   Thanks for the responses. I live in very rural northwest Ohio with very little competition from other agents. So far, I've got BPO Fulfillment to pay $100 plus each time.

  • Bpofulfillment is a platform used by several companies. Each company has its own payment schedule. I've been getting those orders in the past 3 months again. As people don't accept the orders, some companies start raising the fee. As I recall, I stopped taking the orders because the form was too long and involved for the fees being offered. And it took a lot of data manipulation to get it accepted. 

    • I completely agree.  The amount of information they want is horrendous!!  At least Valuation Vision has an awesome form and most of the comparable's autofill when you type in the address.

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