Just received an email this morning from Equator:

"We recently added exclusivity to Premium Placement ZIP's. This update allows only a limited number of agents to compete in each ZIP code because we want to ensure that Premium Agents receive the maximum number of REO listing assignments."

Anyone gotten any REO listings from being a Premium Agent? From what I read in the forms, agents haven't been getting too many assignments from banks using Equator.

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  • The only REO properties that I every got on Equator was from  asset managers I was already working with and they used Equator. I had paid for zip codes in the past and have never received an REO assignment based on zip codes.

  • Not at all, as a Fannie Mae Rep at one time I was paying for over 20 Zips and as far as I knew got nothing for anyone else.

  • I just started paying for a number of zip codes and within about 60 days received an REO from a new bank.  I will continue to pay for these for one year to see what happens. 

  • I received a listing from equator as well.  Didn't pay for the extra stuff either.  When using the companies that were provided by www.reoeducation.com, it was necessary to get set up with equator anyways because many of the asset managers that I deal with use equator for all communication.  But, I really don't see why an asset manager would send you more listings just because you gave a 3rd party some extra money.  It seems like companies like equator are trying to take advantage of the fact that we as agents are always looking for that magic pill that will provide us with listings on a regular basis.  I think that just following a specific process like the ones provided by REO Education or some other process that you have in place is the key to success.  Equator will get you listings, but, I think you really need to already be connected to the Asset Managers that use equator in order to receive listings.

  • I don't pay for zips ever. In 2015 I got one around New Year eve sold quickly and smoothly.

    • Thanks for the input Sam! 

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