NFSTI Seminar

What an awesome seminar this was! Full of a ton of useful information presented in an informal, casual way that allowed all questions to be addressed on all topics.The highly experienced asset manager and top REO agent who were the presenters, were a wealth of knowledge and I felt it was very worth the time and money to attend.
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  • Dan, I'm registered for the Atlanta event and Jesse warned me of the date change, now I see your post below, but your website still shows this week. Will notices be sent out to those who have registered? I'm trying to reset my schedule for this week (and the other week also) as we have a couple of closings and other events that require my attention.
  • Thanks Dan, for the information update and have a safe trip!!
  • Linda ~ Howard said that it's OK to contact him whenever you'd like for more information (
  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry this message is going to be brief...I'm packing up here in NY and driving to AZ tomorrow to help lead the NFSTI REOMasters Main office. I've promised myself several times that I would never do that drive again, and, well, here I go again..

    Anyways, to get you the short and sweet - Atlanta and Orlando have been pushed to the end of the month for a couple of reasons: we weren't seeing the attendance that we predicated (mainly a diversion in our marketing caused this), and we are definitely adding new, exciting material.

    The new format is much more powerful than ever before and the content is getting stronger. I have been able to focus on adding content and research since the addition of the new team. I know that this will be amazing to say the least.

    The format is going to change after Atlanta and Orlando, but more will be announced about that soon. Get in while you can!

    Best wishes,

    Dan Waterman
  • Hi Billie,
    No Orlando is not cancelled. I just forgot the Orlando Training is at the end of the month after the Atlanta Training! I just went on NFSTI and the Atlanta Training is this week, August 13 & 14 - Thurs/Friday. The Orlando Training is August 27 & 28th - Thurs/Friday. Be sure to put in your promo code to receive a good discount!
  • Is Orlando cancelled? On the site it shows 8/27-8/28.
  • Nikki,
    I can say this; Larry has 18 years doing REOs, I have almost two years, others have worked a few and some attending came to learn how to get going in the REO field. I think I can safely say everyone found value for their business. No matter what your level I think you will pick up valuable information on how to start or increase your business by getting your foot in the back doors, while all the other agents are trying to beat down the front doors.

    I think the NFSTI training in Georgia is going to be the last one under the current format and they are rolling out a new program, but not sure. Maybe Dan can explain this further to us.

    Richard & Lowell did a fantastic job and I am grateful that I was able to attend this format - how ever great I know the new platform will be!
  • All;

    Ok, my Team has been a well-oiled machine for quite a few years, and, despite my very best efforts, we are still not getting REO listings (something I was crowing about three years ago when other agents looked at me like I was a fool!).

    So, what does everybody think? If we were to attend this next one, would we be likely to come away with some new info that would help us get that "golden ticket"--REO listing relationships?
  • It is truly a blessing to me to know the things I do for our members like, recommending top notch organizations, providing a contact list for REO / BPO companies or providing a place for other like minded professionals to come on and network really helps.

    I am so glad that you each got a lot out of the seminar and I am thankful to both Dan, Scott and Richard for thier hard work and commitment to each of our members success.

    I am a true believer of what REOPro can do when we get together and share our wealth of knowledge, I can't wait to see where this all goes in a year or so.....the future looks very exciting!
  • OK Jonathan, now I know your lying! LOL! Yes, this was probably the last time there will be this intimate of a setting. We kept the marketing at a minimum last week for Vegas, but now we're ramping up a very extensive multi-pronged marketing plan which will most likely fill the houses every time.

    Also, there's a lot happening at the government level right now that is affecting REO big-TIME! If you didn't hear the "State of the Market" presentation that I presented in Phoenix and Lowell presented in Vegas you'll know what I'm talking about. Out top research analyst and I are putting together a course that will spring-board off of this and all but guarantee new business.

    More coming soon. In the meantime, we have to keep that under the radar....


    Dan Waterman
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