After reading a message Regina posted about nfsti's training and education I quickly went to their website to check it out. I wondered how they were any different than the other companies and how they're website compared to others. I'd browsed through it when I noticed their instructors and coaches are actual AM's and people in the industry who are experienced and up to date on the times. I was impressed to see the amount of advise and resources they offer. It's nice to see they're not like a lot of these other companies that are obviously a get rich quick scheme. I became a member over a month ago and love it. They offer REO courses you really should check out.Last week there was a conference call talking about they're 3 different levels of marketing and how nfsti and REOMasters Network are teaming up to provide some positive and productive marketing resources, tools and support for both AM's and REO Agents (both seasoned and new). I heard Jesse ask some great questions about their marketing plan along with a bunch of other agents looking for advice on how to get in with AM's - the good and bad, which helped to answer alot of questions I've had as an agent breaking into the REO industry. Their marketing strategy makes sense for both sides of the industry, REO Agents as well as AM's which is awesome. My opinion - it encourages us all to work together more as a team instead of people maintaining the gimme gimme attitudes. I'm hoping to be able to sign up for the Executive level and go through the REO 2-day courses. It is costly for someone like me who is breaking into the REO's but it's definetly worth it and will pay off throughout my business. As soon as I can invest in it I will. I'm looking forward to working my business as it grows while teaming up with great companies like REOPRO, nfsti and REOMasters.Check it out and let me know what you all think!
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  • I am an executive member with REOMasters and just last week returned from the meeting in Phoenix. Awesome group of people, so much knowledge within. I had concerns due to the cost and not really knowing anything about the group I almost cancelled. I now look forward to helping to make this group grow.

    As soon as you can afford to join I would do so. in parked
  • Franklin,

    Thank you for the sincerity and clear open-mindedness of your comment. You are 100% correct about every statement. Last year was a huge growing pain for Scott McClain and his then-project to remain nameless out of respect for the past members and staff. Scott refused to concede and agreed whole-heartedly that change was eminent not to mention desired. Everything that he was going after was for the right reason, he just had the wrong team in place.

    I can honestly say, now that we've had our first annual convention that the new dynamic is amazing. I agree with Jonathan Engalla (@JonathanEngalla), an REO broker out of CA though when he Twittered a quote that read: "Get someone else to blow your horn and the sound will carry twice as far". That's why I urge REOPRO members and anyone else curious about NFSTI and The REO Masters Network to search our extensive fan base on Which, by the way, is a piece of technology we elaborated on in our course last week which has quickly become a massive marketing tool that many agents are reviving their careers with.

    NFSTI prides itself on our content, coaching, and understanding of the many learning styles that exist. LifePower, aka, REO Masters Network has the marketing machine to empower us to reach greater audiences throughout the nation. As a matter of fact, as a result of our social networking, research, and persistence, I am currently awaiting a phone call from a Wall Street Journal editor who is interested in speaking directly about some information that we've provided them with.

    I'll keep you posted on that front. Also, please feel free to keep the dialog going. It will only help us all.


    Dan Waterman
    NFSTI REO Masters Network
  • I signed on with these folks at a confrence last year and I must tell you that it was not a pleasant experience. At that time, all that seemed to be going on was "coaching" without much real world application. I was invited to and attended one of their functions and for the most part could not get anyone to speak to me, and I am not known as a wallflower. Most of the "training" looked to come from one agent and there seemed to be almost a cult of personality at work there. The impression I got was that I was just not important enough to actually talk to and that I should have been happy to just be there. Perhaps the training and networking was wonderful. I do not think I really had the opportunity to fully investigate the organization.
    While I certainly respect the advice and counsel I find here, I must say I am very skiddish about this. I do not beleive that lifepower was affiliated with NFSTI at that time. At least I do not recall seeing the NFSTI logo. Perhaps that affiliation has changed things. Perhaps what I experienced was growing pains. I certainly hope so as I would like to be involved depending on the level of professionalism at work.
  • Thanks for the review Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth,

    I'm glad that you had a positive experience with NFSTI. I'm a bit of a fanatic, and can be a bit over-critical of our website and material...but I guess that's a good thing for our clients! There are some pretty awesome plans in the making right now and we're having to keep our focus on filling the State and Executive Director positions first and foremost.

    Once we have the REO Mastery Weekend next week I'll be able to concentrate more on the content of the site, the 2 new training and certification levels, marketing strategies for business acquisition, and about 20 other ideas that the whole crew has been coming up with.

    On a lighter note, you should know that NFSTI/REO Masters Network are having a fun time even though we're going bananas on the business side of things. We are a tight-knit group that really know how to laugh and have fun with life. We encourage good ethics, strong morals, and getting trained--up. We don't encourage bickering, snickering, whining, complaining, blaming, or excuses.

    I'll be waiting for your application!


    Dan Waterman
  • If you want to check out more about NFSTI REOMasters Network, follow this link.
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