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I don't know how many of you are IAS Vendors or Suppliers but, you likely are going to be getting these letters in the mail from their attorneys. See attached.




As the REO business starts shrinking, we can expect more and more of these companies to go out of business. Those of you still working for outsourced REO warned.

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The White House is "Open for Questions.”


Listen in to an event focused on Women’s Entrepreneurship. Please join us online today at 3 p.m. EST. You can watch live at

This is your opportunity to ask questions on federal policies and programs for women entrepreneurial and diversity opportunities.

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www.HudGovAgents -- BEWARE!


On a current discussion on my LinkedIn Group, "REO," a person posted asking about a company who is trying to collect $149 from agents to post their profile on their site and (they claim) generate REO listings, BPO orders, and buyer referrals, etc. The company is www.HudGovAgents.

Now, none of us were born yesterday when it comes to this business, but it was interesting to me to see that post because this past January, the salesperson from HudGovAgents somehow managed to convince my ordinarily very skeptical business partner to spend $149.

Has she seen anything since? In the first week of February, she received a list of BPO servicers and was told how to apply for BPOs. Hmmm. We all have these lists. What's new? Since then, not ONE thing.

The person she dealt with is a man named Donald. If ANYBODY has ANYTHING positive to say about this service, I welcome it.

So, the point is, even a skeptic can be convinced by the right words, and the right website. I am simply committed to getting the word out so nobody else contributes their hard earned dollars.

You can find me on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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