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Although sellers seem to have the advantage in the current market, this does not mean that sellers can simply put their home up for sale and wait for offers.  There is still some work to be done in order to get a buyer to pay the right asking price.  In fact, a lot of sellers are not aware of costly mistakes that are made that turn away buyers.

Mistake #1: Condition does not meet Home’s Price

Comparative Market AnalysisNobody likes to pay more for a product than they have to.  When a home is priced above its condition then most potential buyers are immediately turned off.  If your home is priced at the upper end of your area’s price range then the home should be ready to move in, right now.  If a potential buyer has to replace a window pane, steam clean the carpet or any other minor repair then the price of the home needs to be reduced or you can keep the price as is and make the necessary improvement.

Mistake #2: Limiting the Buyer’s Ability to Inspect the Home

There is no doubt that trying to hold down a full time job, take care of social and personal responsibilities while keeping a home sparkly clean can be nerve racking.  However, most real estate agents will agree that people who don’t make their home readily available to a potential buyer often lose a chance for a sale.  It is important that you are easy to reach during normal hours so that your agent can contact you and schedule a showing.

Mistake #3: Getting Too Attached to Memories

People that have lived in a home for 10+ years have built up some memories in that place.  A first marriage, a first child or a college graduation can all carry some cherished memories that we associate with a particular room or the whole house.  Some sellers will ask full price for their home simply because they are so connected to the property in an emotional way.  It is important for sellers to communicate with their agent and develop a reasonable price for the home and come to the realization that they will soon part with that special walkway or bedroom.

Mistake #4: Failing to Disclose any Problem

If a deal fails to close the blame can sometimes be laid on the seller.  Almost every home has some type of flaw that needs to be repaired or replaced.  Some of these flaws are minor and can be negotiated in a contract before purchase.  But certain items, like a roof that leaks or an electrical system that operates sporadically, can cause not only monetary damage but also physical harm.  It is vital that a seller walk through their home and inspect every room and every feature.  Being up front and honest about potential problems will make it easier on you and your agent to sell the home.

Take some time to go through the home and fix the things that are within your budget and ability.  When you are through, talk to your real estate agent and ask them to go through the house with you and come up with a firm asking price.  This will make the whole process much simpler for you.

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Simple Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell

photo credit: Neil Kremer via photopin cc
photo credit: Neil Kremer via photopin cc

For those homeowners that have waited to sell their home, heed the advice of Nike: “Just Do It.”  Interest rates are still really low and the upcoming changes in mortgage lending may disqualify some buyers.  Now is the time to sell your home.  In order to help your home sell quickly follow the timely advice offered below.

Spend a Little Now to Get More Later

With so many homes available many buyers are seeking out a property that is move-in ready.  This means that small repairs and maintenance items will possibly turn off some buyers.  Take a walk through the home and pick out the small things that need to be fixed.  Leaking faucets, a chipped tile, a flaky bit of paint and other similar items can negatively impact the appearance of your home.

You should also consider spending a little money to get the carpets thoroughly cleaned and ask a local heating/air conditioning company to service your unit.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Buyer

If you are looking for a new home, what items are important to you?  The majority of people want to live in a clean home that smells nice with lots of room in the closets, cabinets and other storage areas.  Therefore, you should put a lot of time in to making your home look clean, neat and organized. Start with the cabinets and closets.  Remove as much clutter as possible and even add some shelves if it helps improve the look.  Go through all the rooms and put everything away in a nice, orderly fashion.  Finally, get a few aroma dispensers and put them throughout the house.

Make People Interested in Coming Inside

So many homeowners spend time, money and a lot of effort improving the inside of the home that they ignore the outside appearance.  It is important to have an inviting appearance.  Homeowners should trim all the bushes, clean out the gutters, make sure the driveway and walkway are clear and clean the windows.  For people that have siding, consider power washing the siding as well.  It is really important that the front door and the surrounding entrance area look clean and homey.

Two Important Rooms: Bathrooms and Kitchens

The bathroom and kitchen will usually have more influence over selling a home than any other part of the house.  It is a good idea to go through these rooms and spend extra time, and even money, to make sure they look attractive and modern.

Many types of cabinets can be painted with a little bit of planning and work.  All bathroom plumbing should be in good working order.  Make sure there is plenty of light with good looking fixtures and that the ventilation to both the kitchen and bathroom is more than adequate.  Also, make sure the counters are clean and devoid of clutter.

It may seem like a crazy idea to spend money on a home that you are planning to sell.  However, spending money in the right areas can greatly improve your chances of selling the home faster and may yield a good return on the investment.

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Rock Realty Client Testimonials

"I found Rock Realty on the internet while looking for someone to help us sell our house .. I called and talked to Mike, we set up an appt and he got the ball rolling... and wow did he get the ball rolling..he stepped up in every aspect.. the house was all over the net and we had people looking at the house right away .. he was right there every time we had questions and made us feel as if we were his only client.. he worked thru any difficulties we had without any negativities...our house sold Very quickly and Mike really stepped up through the whole process... Our thanks to Mike and Rock Realty"

Scott H. (Janesville, WI)
Rock Realty Seller Client

Rock Realty Client Testimonials

Thanks for the compliments, and Congratulations on your closing Scott!

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Rock Realty Client Testimonials

"This was a great effort from Mike Collins. He did a super super job with the selling of our home in Wisconsin. I could not ask for more from him as he kept me well informed of things going on and we are 1200 miles apart. He did more than a 110 percent job on everything. Even removing snow and whatever it took to have our home ready to show. Again, THANKS Mike for everything. Great Job!!!!!!"

Phyllis Pearson (Rock River, WY)
Rock Realty Seller Client

Rock Realty Client Testimonials

Thanks for the compliments, and Congratulations on your closing Phyllis!

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Happy Short Sale Seller

Rock Realty Client Testimonials

"I had a very challenging home sale and Mike Collins was diligent every step of the way. The most difficult aspect may have been me, I was very specific about which closing dates worked and how I wanted to proceed. Mike patiently answered all of my questions and accommodated all of my requests. When issues between the title and mortgage companies arose, Mike was a swift and competent negotiator. I know that the buyer's agent was very impressed with Mike as well. My house had an accepted offer within 10 days of listing. I am amazed that it all went so smoothly. THANKS MIKE!"

John B.(Madison, WI)
Rock Realty Seller Client

Rock Realty Client Testimonials

Thanks for the compliments, and Congratulations on your closing John!

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Rock Realty Client Testimonials

"My first listing contract (with another agency) expired without a single showing. I contacted Mike Collins hoping to get some straight advice about whether he thought the property would ever sell versus letting the lender foreclose on the property and save my mortgage payments for legal counsel. He was upfront from day one. He told me that it would take a while and that I'd probably have to hold it through the winter (I called him in September) but it would probably sell in the spring. His honesty made me immediately willing to hire him. He found a buyer in May and worked with my lender to close the sale in record time."

Drew V.(Marshall, WI)
Rock Realty Client

Rock Realty Client Testimonials

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As a realtor, I reviewed my first HAFA request with a client whom thought the letter receivd by overnight delivery was the same old thing just another letter informing her that she did not qualify for HAMP. There was exactly 14 days to respond and after a telephone call and four different departments and four different representatives we landed in the HAMP center which was outsourced to yet another company. Once we got to the right person and department promises were made verbally to my client and a series of letters are expected next. Looking forward to working in the HAFA program and hope this process is painless.

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The Ocean Between Buyer and Seller

I remember the good ol' days when the discrepancy between the Buyer's offer and the Seller's asking price was measured by mere thousands of dollars, signifying 1%-2% of the property's value. That disparity was like a little puddle of water we used to quickly and easily jump over and put the deals together.Today I presented an offer to the bank for $165,000 less than the original asking price, a 34% reduction in value. Ouch! My advice: "Take the offer!" With 20 other properties competing for the same buyers and only one sale effected within the neighborhood within the last 6 months, we are lucky to get this offer.Have I succeeded in convincing the bank to take the offer? No, not yet! I've sent them my reports for the neighborhood. I've made a very compelling argument. Tomorrow I am going to take pictures and shoot video showing my seller (the bank) other similar homes in the neighborhood that are offering just as much for less money (other REO's).I hear the same thing from my bank clients that I hear from my other sellers: "But I need to make this much..." Dear Seller, your needs will not be met in this market! Your wants, needs and must haves, are completely irrelevant to the Buyers!Dear Seller, I DO care about you and your property! I FEEL your pain! My commission is significantly reduced when the price is slashed. But if we don't get the job done now, we might not get a similar offer again. EVER!!! We might join the legions of other vacant homes just lingering on the market and deteriorating from the elements. The longer a property remains in that state, the harder it is to sell it, and the less money it will garner.Aah, the good old days of the puddle... Now we have oceans to brave, stormy waters between Buyers and Sellers...Mirela Monte, Your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Connection
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