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As blogged by Peter Christensen on Sunday December 8, 2013, a class action lawsuit was filed against and First Valuation LLC, First Valuation Services LLC and First Valuation Technology LLC for not having "true corporate separateness in their operation". Firms taking place in this suit are from Florida, Washington and Colorado  however, they were not named specifically.

The plaintiff is a real estate agent, Kathy Wornicki from Florida. She claims that she is owed about $880.00 for BPO work she performed in 2012 and 2013. Apparently she claims that the defendants breached their contract by not paying her on time. She is going further and claiming that not only have the plaintiffs not paid her but thousands of other agents across the country.


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What will 2010 Bring for Portland Oregon?

Okay kid’s here’s the skinny. 2010 What will it bring? If you are looking to make a move in Real Estate in the Portland Metro Market you are probably in what I would consider your perfect window. Price’s are going to continue to creep down as Seller’s compete against REO and Short Sales for Buyer’s.Interest Rates today are amazing. Under 5%, with good credit! Rates are probably as low as they are going to get because it wouldn’t be profitable to the lender’s to go any cheaper. Looking around I see the price of gas going up and we should be at $3 a gallon shortly. To me, that says inflation. Inflation says to the FED that they need to raise the Prime Rate in order to control it. It’s not their only tool but at some point lending at 1/4 % will end. Now, this is something that they do not want to do, but at some point in 2010 they will have to. Once this occurs and your rates go up, the buying power that is available today will decrease. There’s really only one reaction that can occur; prices will get pushed down again.I know that no one wants to hear that housing values are going to continue to fall, but unless people get pay raises in conjunction with the upcoming interest rate increases, the Buyer’s buying power will decrease. For example; if you can afford a $1,500 mortgage PITI, and the rates go up, you can’t afford more you just have to buy a cheaper house. For example at 5% interest $10,000 borrowed will cost you approximately 5.02. If interest rates are at 6% and now that $10,000 cost you $6.27. You still make what you make so your buying power is weakened. If you’re a Seller and the Buyer’s have been pushed out of your price range what are you going to do? Lower the price down to where the Buyer’s can again afford your home. So, I think that prices will continue to get pushed down some more. I just don’t see a different solution, but nothing would please me more than to be wrong.I’ve said a mouthful let's get some feedback and help us all have a better 2010. How hard could that be? ;0P
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