Just returned from lovely Burbank CA for the Bridge asn conference:

WOW, we had such a great time. Big thank you to the staff at Bridge for hosting such a great event for the agents.

I felt this was very important event, so I asked if I could bring team member also, it is so hard to break away we always have to have back up for the business at home; I am glad we took advantage of both attending this event.

This conference was more like a learning and team building retreat. It was a lot of work to get there, and a lot stuff to learn about, but well worth the effort. And we had fun too, lots of socailizing and networking too.

I met so many people I had only before known 'online' so great to meet everyone in REAL LIFE! It was a bit overwhelming at times, even though we were a small group, I was struggling to remember all the names. I hope that we made many new friendships that will last a long time. And it was great to see a few familiar faces again too.

I did take some video of the Bridge event, depending on how it turns out I will try to post it here on REOPRO. If anyone out there has tips for video in our industry let me know, I am trying to learn the best ways to use video to increase sales and reach more customer, maximize returns etc. I also got a couple fun pictures at Bob Hope airport as we were on our way out of town, I will post those soon.

It is so great to see all of the positive posts on threads about Bridge in the past few days form everyone who attended. I hope this will be the first of a few events of this type. Possibly more invitation only events in future years with Bridge asn?? And, I honestly hope that other companies will look at this company as one to emulate a model for new ways to do things in our industry of default management and sales of REO and related investor / distress properties.

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  • Fannie seldom fire's their direct Brokers it is business for a life time until you screw up. I had it direct for a while but then did not want it. Seriously demanding and costly. They do things that make no sense like listing 20-30,000 over market value and then you carry for months sometimes as long as a year before they get realistic, all the while you are absorbing all the carry cost such as utilities that it is mandatory you must have on. Some agents get as deep as 100,000+ in utilities and wait several months to be reimbursed so you have to have some pretty deep pockets to carry it. When they do have an opening in a certain area they first go to their direct brokers and ask for referrals. It's like one big happy family and no one gets in without the recomendation from one of thier currents brokers. They also keep an even racial break. One man and one women of every race in every area. So say an asian women get's fired in a certain area, that opening goes to another asian women, no exceptions. I think race should not be a contributing factor and it should go to anyone based of excellence of performance. But I dono't make the rules. So the chances for a break in the door are very slim. I got in by recommendation from an Asset manager from Beal Bank in Texas that became an asset manager for Fannie Mae. Otherwise I never could have gotten in being a white women. The waiting list is a lifetime, when a broker retires it generally floats over to their kids and grandchildren.  But once you get it, it's not all that glorius and you will work 18+ hours a day to keep up. Hope that helps, but it's what I know having been on the inside. And honesty, I don't miss it. Working with it out sourced is a lot easier then direct. What is "The Bridge"?
  • Hi VItaliy, sorry for late answer here I think we already talked about this last week too, great hearing from you, hope all is well.

    RE webinar with the Bridge, it was postponed due to Anglique being sick & out of office, she was out for a while and I have not heard anything more. Just hope she is feeling better, and waiting to hear more.
  • Jessica, did we had a webinar with the Bridge??? I think I've missed that one? or may be not?
  • Nice meeting you both! I too am looking forward to working together as the "BRIDGE TEAM" grows. It was well worth the trip!
  • It was pleasure to meet you, your mom and so many other superior professionals in our industry. I know funds are tight for many these days and we can not put all our eggs in one basket.....for me this trip was worth every penny spent and I look forward to working with Bridge and hope we can continue to build a strong network with those we have made a connection with.
  • I agree.... and think this was a great opportunity for us as agents, as well as the industry as a whole. It was nice to meet you in person too!
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