It looks as if times are desperate for all trying to nickel and dime us, now its Equator. I typically paid about $65 dollars a month for ZIP codes today I woke up to $511 a month for the same Zip codes. As you can imagine I was not the only one caught by surprise. Contacting support at 9:13AM eastern time I'm still in line for support number 138, 2 hours later. So check your equator bill this morning.

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  • Thanks for the heads up. I just looked at my June bill - $50 increase.

  • Wow they have much talent here too bad they don't appreciate PROFESSIONAL'S much awarded Broker's and Sales Associates I am out only using it for my short sales because we have too. How dare they tell me to choose less expensive zip codes I would have to drive 100 miles to get less expensive. It only figures Ocwen owns it now. Ever try to get them ?????

    Jill I love the quote from Vince Lombardi where he came from was one of my zip codes he was correct

  • When I got the notice, I too - cancelled and I was with them for 12 years.  Enough is enough.  Everyone wants to put their hand in my pocket.  Today's inspiring quote is:  The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

    ― Vince Lombardi

  • What a Donkey & Carrot Routine... I am new to REOs with a 5 Star rated mentor & partner that I assist. It is unconscionable (sp?) for the Zip Code prices to go through the roof. Seems as though they want it coming and going.  Let them lose the revenue and the talent!

  • See the bottom of the email that they sent out May 26th. It says "An Altisource ® Business Unit"

    Need I say more???? I am cancelling my zip codes, as I have been with them since they were REOtrans. It's just another way of digging into agents' pockets. When is enough enough? I already pay $150 to them per closing.

  • I received the email from Equator and saw the discussion started by Sam Shueh last week, so I deleted all my zip codes before June 1st. 

    You all do know that Ocwen purchased Equator, right? 

    I think they are banking on all the agents who have / work and regularly receive properties through Equator to stay with the program and pay through the nose to do so because of this part of the email they sent...

    "This is just the first step to our new and improved Lead Area product. We are moving to a more exclusive model which means only a certain number of agents will be marketing to servicers in each Lead Area - reducing your competition." 

    If you currently get enough business from them and have deep enough pockets to pay for your zip codes that have the most foreclosures, then you will have little competition.

  • almost no one selects you from Equator but AMs that use equator will want you to use their platform which you can sign up for than. If you have the relationship with the AM there is no problem with either Equator or Resnet. I imagine Resnet is sending them thank you cards right about now. 

  • I did get the "new and improved service area" email and immediately dropped all zip codes I was paying for- cost was going to go from $39/mo to $177/mo....I get most of my REO business from Equator but believe assignments are based on your agent scorecard more than your "service area coverage", so now they will get nothing from me.  If we all did the same I'm sure we'd see a "newer and improvier service area" billing that would look a lot like it did last month.

  • Since I cancelled all zip codes this is the message I got from them today.

    "Thank you for contacting Equator. After review of your account I noticed you have cancelled all of your Lead Areas. Please keep in mind all lead areas for the month of June will remain active until the next billing date. At this time I'm able to offer a credit in the amount of 127.88, which is 25% of the June statement. Please contact Equator at your earliest convenience to confirm your interest in this offer"
  • From my experience equator was only really good for working and corresponding to banks for Short Sales.  I never got a single listing from them on the reo side furthermore I never was contacted by them.

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