ABC: Blogging 101

A=Action Your subject line must create action! Think about how you scan material you receive in your inbox or on your screen and how you decide what to spend your time reading. Your subject line must not only communicate your content but compel your potential reader to open.B=Body This is your content information. Keep it as simple and informative as possible. Your personal style will dictate. Some people are more education and teaching directed and others have a way of communicating with humor. Follow your personal style but keep in mind the short attention span we seem to all have when browsing the net. Say or convey and then take your bow and leave.C=Comments This is where you learn if you have conveyed your point. When others respond they provide you feedback and critique. This is your opportunity to evaluate your purpose, interact with others and often gives you food for thought for your next blog!Linda Landry, REALTOR ® Exit Realty 1st Choice Tucson, Arizona
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  • LOL! Well Steve ya gotta say what ya gotta say. Maybe it takes a few more words than you expected but I am certain we will listen (read).
  • You know, that was right on my level! Basic!! ;-) And made a lot of sense. I have tendency to get long winded when I type. I don't set out they way, but that's just me. Maybe this will help?
  • LOL sure Jessie; it isn't mine; I think I stole it from Sesame Street or the Jackson Five!
  • The ABC's....that is so cute, can I use it?
  • Thanks Carlos; just the facts I mean basics!
  • Nice ABCs.
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