Doug Palin commented on Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's blog post Banning Realtor Hate Speech 24/7/365
"Goo comments, It would seem like NAR has crossed the line into trying to dictate politically correct comments. I suggest that is not NAR's purpose. While we would like to see ourselves in a perfect world full of political correctness and good…"
Jun 3, 2021
Doug Palin commented on Jesus D. Gonzalez Jr.'s blog post Internet Changing The Way We Do Business
"Interesting, would seem to me to be a good way to discourage cooperation."
Jan 25, 2021
Doug Palin replied to Cheryl Williams's discussion Pyramid Platform
"They are a platform for banks to post their REOs. I have had several listings through them over the years. The fee to join is a new thing they just came up with. I am staying with the free program"
Jun 15, 2020
Doug Palin replied to Michael Jordan's discussion Byline management
"sounds familiar, there were others in the past that operated this way. Keep your money"
Jun 15, 2020
Doug Palin replied to Christine Jackson's discussion Becoming a Vendor for Financial Asset Services ("FAS")
"Over the years I have done bpos for them and they always pay. I have received a few listings from them over the years. Not a lot but some and I have been in their system for a long time"
Jun 15, 2020
Doug Palin replied to Terry Iwaniw's discussion Revised Agreement from Corelogic/FARVV
"Your E&O Insurance will do that, make them a Certificate Holder.  I did it with Altisource"
Dec 16, 2013
Doug Palin replied to Jesus (Jesse) Gonzalez's discussion REOPro Makes the Agent the AMC
This is a great idea.  Keep me posted, I would love to be involved.  Let me know if you need anything from Washington State
Thanks, Doug"
May 7, 2013
Doug Palin commented on Brecht Palombo's blog post Real Estate Industry Blitzed with New Marketing Tools
"Looks like an ad to me"
Dec 11, 2012