Banning Realtor Hate Speech 24/7/365

Banning Realtor Hate Speech 24/7/365
Banning Realtor Hate Speech 24/7/365
As corporate culture goes, most people understand you live two lives. While at work, you live according to company rules. While at home, you live according to your rules. For the most part, corporate culture and private life never mixed, until now. Members of the National Association of Realtors are now banned from "hate speech" even in their private lives. A move by any other organization would be ignored; however, N.A.R. has 1.4 million members. Arguably one of the largest trade organizations in America. When N.A.R. makes a move to censor their member's private speech, people stand up and take notice.
This prohibition on "hate speech" is 24/7/365 and encompasses all communication. Regardless if you are having a private conversation with your priest or therapist, N.A.R. is mandating you mind your words. It does not matter if you are speaking privately or publically. It does not matter if you are writing or speaking. It does not even matter if you are online or off. All speech, all the time, anywhere and to anyone is now covered under the N.A.R's ban of "hate speech". If you violate this rule, you could be charged up to $15,000 and removed from the organization.
My problem with "hate speech" is not that it occurs but that it is subjective. "Hate speech" is defined by personal belief or feeling rather than based on facts. "Hate speech" in this way can then be weaponized. It can be used as a tool for those among us who participate in cancel culture. This move by N.A.R. is nothing more than an attempt to oppress dissenting views. It is N.A.R. canceling free speech and due process. It removes the merits of what is said and why and replaces them with subjective standards defined by whom? This new standard tells the world, N.A.R. will not judge its members on their merits; we will judge them based on political correctness.
Of course, some fools will move forward and champion such a move. They will consent to the loss of freedom for a false promise of a friendlier world. They believe they have freedom from speech versus freedom of speech.
Will N.A.R. become a place where #AllLivesMatter is considered hate? Will N.A.R. become a place where saying, "Make America Great Again" is hate? Better, yet, maybe we should ask ourselves, has N.A.R. already become such a place? Are our faithful members no longer allowed to teach their faith because it may be considered hateful by someone else? Who is now in charge of this moral subjectivity and without any standard, where will you draw a line?
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