Real Estate Industry Blitzed with New Marketing Tools

The real estate industry is being flooded with new marketing tools, platforms and strategies, which are being rolled out in anticipation of a new housing boom and explosion of new Realtors but is this doing more damage than good?


The real estate business has long been plagued by endless expensive and ineffective lead generation tools aimed at Realtors. Now there is a new surge to cash in on all of the players entering and reentering the business from Zillow and the acquisition of Buyfolio to The Real Estate Book’s new internet marketing makeover of old and overdone tools to Listingbook and others.


In fact, one of the biggest risks to new real estate agents, brokers, investors and even mortgage companies is training and spending themselves into bankruptcy before they even really get going, despite the slick pitches of how ‘great’ the next exotic marketing ploy is.


Savvy real estate professionals know that they need to be constantly seeking the best possible ROI for their marketing budgets, while putting their blinders on to block out these distractions, yet keeping one eye on real future trends and emerging lead generation tools which are truly revolutionary and valuable.


After all, why give up your hard earned capital to overpay for others’ experiments in advertising or give up your highly valuable leads and referrals to someone else to work for you and no doubt cash in on in other ways? Or why blow big money on complex advertising campaigns which don’t improve results or speed up production?


This is especially true when effective and affordable solutions are at hand for delivering fast results for finding distressed multifamily properties, REOs and other real estate which needs to be listed and sold.


After all, winning in the real estate game today is all about controlling the listings or at least having off market properties to offer. Fortunately the latest software, like BankProspector has made this much easier, faster and affordable to do. This tool in particular means no need to waste time and dollars on fielding calls from unqualified prospects and being able to leap gatekeepers to lock up distressed properties for sale from institutions.


Don’t underestimate opportunities like this, which present the chance to get ahead of the competition, while improving speed and profit margins to continually compound and increase success. Only those who innovate and demand top results will be able to separate themselves and stay in the game long enough to really achieve what they set out to.

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