Dan Stempien replied to June T Valora's discussion FirstValuation.com and BrokerPriceOpinion.com
"After two years of being lied to it has now become my understanding that there are two ways to get paid by this con of a company. File with the BBB in Colorado which seems to get them to trickle payment. I chose option B which is to physically go to…"
Mar 10, 2017
Dan Stempien left a comment for Derek Goude
"Hi Derek,
Regarding brokerpriceopinion. Two ways to get paid. File with BBB and play a long waiting game or visit their office in Denver. I went in and walked out with a check. If they owe that much it would pay for your trip. Best to you,"
Dec 23, 2016
Dan Stempien commented on Kevin Novack's blog post Brokerpriceopinion.com, a First Valuation Company
"A previous employee was very nice to post a tip on getting paid and it works unfortunately it involves visiting their office outside of Denver. After 2 years of not getting paid I went into their office and refused to leave until I got a check and…"
Jun 6, 2016