, a First Valuation Company

Did 2 rush BPO's for this Company in the most dangerous area in South Florida and haven't been paid.  It's been almost a year for the first BPO and it's been  8 months for the other. Anyone else have that problem with this Company (, a First Valuation Company)?? They keep blaming it on accounting.  Anyone have any suggestions other than not doing anymore BPO'S for them (which I did stop after 2nd BPO)??

Thank You for your input,

Kevin Novack

First National Realty Services

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  • A previous employee was very nice to post a tip on getting paid and it works unfortunately it involves visiting their office outside of Denver. After 2 years of not getting paid I went into their office and refused to leave until I got a check and several minutes later I left with check in hand.

  • Same here, took one year but you must not give up. They say they are back logged, or things are slow. But I got paid every penny. Hound them!

  • Do not count on them paying you either.  They have owed me several thousand $$ for several years now and all I hear is that the check is in the mail.  I am not holding my breath nor do I do any work for them anymore.

  • That is a great idea Scott!

  • I have recv's due from last year on this company.  Luckily I only did 2 and they were on my way home from the office.  I have been owed a lot from other companies in the past so I have used a collection company to collect.  BPO Companies don't want that on their D&B Report.  

  • Thanks Patti I will do that!

  • cont your attorney general's office and notify this BPO company

  • Yes I have had problems getting paid as well unless you tell them you will get counsel involved.  They owe m $3,880.00 at present. 

  • I did work for that company against the recommendation of every review I read about them and all the reviews stated that the company does NOT pay and after a few bpos they did just that NOT pay. I had to file a complaint with the better business bureau and the states attorney generals office..This company only seems to respond to the BBB so if you haven't been paid file a complaint with them and then they will cut you a check. Thats what I did and thats how I got paid. Keep in mind one you are paid for all you back work do yourself a favor and don't take anymore work from them..

  • If you are doing business or have done business with these folks and they found you thru REONETWORK you need to contact Wendy and let her know!  They are having their lawyer get involved to stop them from using their database. 

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