Amy Clanton replied to Debbie Darwin's discussion HUD 3.8
"The Citiside IEI was ruled large and areas have been awarded to Apline First Preston and Sage got some of the other areas that Citiside IEI had.  That was posted on 2/10 (ish)"
Feb 16, 2016
Amy Clanton replied to Amy Clanton's discussion New BPO company sign up opportunity
good point to make I agree it is state by state on how you can be paid, I don't think the BPO companies care who they pay it is up to us agents to ensure we follow our state law on being paid for work related to real estate.
I know as a br…"
Sep 18, 2015
Amy Clanton replied to Amy Clanton's discussion New BPO company sign up opportunity
"if you email them they can do a goto assist and set it up on your computer with you logging in, one of my mls's back in the day we had to use a token and they had to do that for that mls's only because of how they tracked my ip address and token.
Sep 16, 2015
Amy Clanton replied to Amy Clanton's discussion New BPO company sign up opportunity
"I just emailed them to ask areas and the reply I received was:
Thank you for your inquiry.  Yes if you have any agents wanting to sign up please pass along our website and the code 12ae45f8   .
We have orders in the following states for this…"
Sep 16, 2015
Amy Clanton replied to Amy Clanton's discussion New BPO company sign up opportunity
"they are refreshing their site look.
try code 12ae45f8  some browsers you have to tab or click off the code box to get it to validate
I know they just sent out orders in IL again today and they said others are coming tonight for 25 different sta…"
Sep 16, 2015
Amy Clanton posted a discussion
Fellow members,Got this today and was one of their test agents in Chicago for 5 orders...this is going to change how BPO's are done and I just had to share it I was so excited about the opportunity. This is a new BPO company but not a new player to…
Sep 15, 2015
Amy Clanton posted a discussion
My April has been made.  BPO Assistant just launched the updated version of their software that autofills BPOFulfillment and it couldn't have come at a better time is have 45 open orders. I have been using BPO Assistant for years and LOVE their cust…
Apr 3, 2015
Amy Clanton commented on Laura Chaney's blog post After completing  a 2014  P&amp;L this is what became apparent:<br /> 1,000 BPOs completed<br /> $30,0000 expenses to complete BPOs including a part time assistant.<br /> That means, just to be in business to complete
"Why would you pay an assistant $30,000 a year, there is software that I use, BPO Assistant,, that only costs me $50 a month and it fills in the data in less then 30 seconds.  For those of you that use people in India, you…"
Jan 26, 2015
Amy Clanton replied to Dave VDovick's discussion RMS Asset Management Solutions - Need Response
"I think that sounds like a SCAM.
I know of 2 RMS companies out there and they are legit.
1st out of Florida is -great company to work with
2nd is RMS- reverse mortgage services which uses reocentral for their orders, they like yo…"
Jan 5, 2015
Amy Clanton replied to Gabriel Salas's discussion BPO contact
"most bpo companies tell you to just tell them to contact the bank if they disagree with your value.  I would not worry about it, these banks are getting smart and know what some people are is really a shame that there are a few bad eggs o…"
Jan 5, 2015
Amy Clanton commented on John Gattinger's blog post iForm &amp; iFill Automation -
"your video says you help us decide correct pricing based on Zillow and Trulia...I take it you are NOT a Broker/Realtor or you would know those sites prices are a JOKE!!  and at 2.50 per order I do 100-150 a month that would cost me a fortune($250 or…"
Jan 5, 2015
Amy Clanton replied to Marqueze D. Williams, Sr, NRBA's discussion BPO SOFTWARE
"Kathy is still around it is now a module within, you dont have to subscribe to RIO to have the BPO software.  It is 49.97 a month.  if you need help here is the email address i email for support and always ge…"
Jul 7, 2014
Amy Clanton replied to Judi Truitt's discussion Anyone heard of Solution Star?
"they send out arprox 50,000 FEE bpo's a month (nation wide) at $40 each for exteriors.  Pay is on time which is great with a fee bpo company,
RIO Genesis BPO Assistant has an autofill program that will fill in 95% of the form.  check out this vide…"
Jun 13, 2014
Amy Clanton commented on Amy Clanton's blog post Equator BPO's now autofill using RIO Genesis BPO Assistant
"I know they claim to I tried them before, wasted 3 months trying to learn trheir system on my own, finally figured out how to use it, then it took 20 mins to run their equator program)( and that doesn't include the time spent…"
Feb 3, 2012
Amy Clanton posted a blog post
Just back from Dallas, Tx at the REOCONN 2012 convention.  I wouldnt have believed it if I didnt see it with my own eyes.  Finally an Autofill company has got the Equator PDF bpo doing AutoFill.  It took them less then 3 minutes to autofill the pdf…
Feb 2, 2012
Amy Clanton replied to Carlos H. Silva Sr.'s discussion BPO Software
No BPO's are not my main source of revenue they are a second source.  I have 20 REO listings as well.
As for cost for bpo's, i have the monthly fee of $39 to TrackMyForeclosures, i do pay FAS $100/year to get BPO's from them but I get ab…"
Jan 29, 2011