• I think they are associated with Bpofullment

  • Yes I have. I'm in the BPO autofill business and we autofill there forms. They seem to be one of the top 3 busiest companies out there at this time. At least for the past 3 months. I have heard no complaints in regards to payments.

    There has been some kind of relationship with BPO Fulfillment in the works now. I will post should I hear anything important.

    • Could you please forward more information regarding you company?  Also your website

  • I have two assignments from Nationstar. After getting them and putting some time into them I find out about the auction part. 1.75% I am not willing to work for. Anyone know what they pay if they don't sell at auction.

  • they send out arprox 50,000 FEE bpo's a month (nation wide) at $40 each for exteriors.  Pay is on time which is great with a fee bpo company,


    RIO Genesis BPO Assistant has an autofill program that will fill in 95% of the form.  check out this video they posted monday, i have been using BPO Assistant for 3+ years couldnt run my BPO business without them.



    Oak Forest, IL

    • BPO Automation Group can help you autofill Solutionstar forms in less then 5 minutes. The data fill takes only 30 seconds and offer a money back guarantee., we can also autofill SAM and Clear Capital in seconds as well. Cut and paste the link below to see a Solutionstar demo

  • Hello, can anyone advise where to signup to do Solution Star BPO's ? thanks in advance. 

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