HUD 3.8

Has anyone else heard anything about the HUD 3.8 awards.  I received an email yesterday from Debbie Caruso stating we can join her group and will be the first to know who has been awarded.  This is after the protests.  I am just wondering if anyone else had heard anything.  I think Debbie wants you to join her group, for $25.  Not sure I agree with this, after most of us paid her already.  Anyone have any news?  Thanks much.

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  • Is it true HUD only pay 1% to The lisring agente? If so, Why are we Trying to become HUD listing Agent?
    • Current commission is 3% with a minimum of $1000. Some properties are being offered with an "enhanced" commission of $1250 to each broker. They did that with one I listed yesterday.

    • The 1% was in an earlier contract.  For the last 5 years it was 3%.  As a selling agent you can adjust the commission if your broker allows you to do so.

  • You are permitted to use signs with your brokerage name and phone number. Your name is not to appear on the sign. You must have a rider with Sage Acquisitions info and a separate rider with HUD Homestore info in the yard at each property. No window signs unless it is a condo/PUD which only permits window signage. Sage provides the specs for their riders, or you may contact Farmer Signs to order (Sage provides info when you are accepted). They have the specs on file.

    • Debra:  Are we required to have a toll free number?  

      • No. I believe that many offices do, though.

      • Pretty sure. For MM3, mine was 855 HUD INFO. I heard that branding HUD this way is now forbidden
    • That's what I got out of it as well. But, where do you put the toll free number? Can you use a rider with a buyer agent name and number?
  • Hello,

    We are getting listings from Sage which has been awarded the HUD contract for our territory.

    Carmen Quinn

    • Carmen, What state are you in? We haven't received any listing yet?


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