• Luckily,  my new REO listings have increased exponentially in the last 2 months,  making up for the lack of BPOs.  The low value minimum commission investor listings and investment group rehab listings are selling quickly. 

  • I have talked with several agents who have also said that there has been a huge decrease in BPO orders. No one seems to know why.

    • Since December it's been like this I have noted the bottom feeder old republic wanting to pay $30 and bpofufill wanting orders done at $35 and protek wanting interior s done at $51 seem to be sending out orders none I take
      • You can negotiate w OR especially if they have been sending you the same order over a few hours and it's Friday evening.  I had one I would have done but by the time they got my fee accepted and asked me to do it, I said no.  I had other new work scheduled and needed an extra day.  Then they said no.

        If they are going to send me an order at 730 pm, they need to accept my terms that night.  By noon on Saturday, I had other things to do for Monday. 

  • Same here, there has been a huge decrease in orders. It slowed down last year about the same time, but there still was a trickle of orders coming in... Last week, for example only 3 orders where there are usually about 30, more on a good week. Yikes! 

    Has anyone heard why it has slowed down so much?  

  • I've noticed a huge decrease across the board... but I've been staying busy with a lot of Wells Fargo appraisal assignments. If anyone needs BPO work, find out who Wells outsources these to. I'm likely going to have a record breaking month.

    • Seth, Hi, I'm located in Maryland. Would you share with me how Wells Fargo outsources? Thanks, Rodney Everett,

  • Huge decrease in Altisource orders.  Increase in Old Republic orders. Lots of Bpofulfillment orders. 

    • Note that they are sending out bottom dollar orders which should not be taken by anyone
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