• This chain appears to be outdated but I am having troubles being paid by Walnut Ridge myself (over 60 days). Don Deinlein stated we, as agents, have to have our BPO's approved by an appraiser. This seems to be a poor way to do business in my opinion. We spend countless hours working and spending money on gas for an appraiser to let these lay on his/her desk until....... After the statement that we(agents) had to wait, I asked to be removed from his list of approved agents. The next thing I receive is "removed from reo assignment". Really? If we are not paid for the simple BPO's, what makes them think I will lay out repair funds and then have to wait 2-4 months to be reimbursed? STEER CLEAR UNLESS YOU HAVE THE $$$ TO INVEST IN HIM FOR MONTHS UPON MONTHS.

  • I just received a call from this company...They sound very small and personal. Almost like they have too many zip codes in their profile! Anywho, I will take heed to all of those who have posted and will give an update on my personal situation. ( I am always leery when people find me on REO Network-especially for BPO's!)

  • Slow pay or no pay. They called me out of the blue so i agreed to complete 1 job for them to see if they paid. They paid me quickly for the 1st one, within 30 days. On the next job, it took me over 4 months to get paid and i had to call/email several times. That was the last time i worked for them. I asked them to remove me from their list. I advise not to accept work unless you have other agents in your area that are satisfied. take care.   Brian Headrick - Hometime Real Estate Inc

  • Hello all: Can someone please share how to sign up with them? I've been doing bpos for about 6 years and I would like to work with them. I tried searching online but couldn't find a company profile/link to sign up. Thank you.

    • Try emailing or He or she should be able to assist you.

      The last person I was emailing was donald, when I told him not to send me any more orders.  My last order I did for them was December 6, 2012 and I did not get my check until 4/8/2013 - four months later.  I found the payment history to to be between 90 and 120 days from completion.

    • Google them , there right there.

    • Diana,

      I can't remember how I signed up. I think they contacted me about 4 years ago.

      Contact Don and ask:

      Don  Deinlein

      Walnut Ridge Valuations


  • I like working with them. 

  • Where do you sign up? There does not appear to be a link on their website. Do they have assignments in Texas?

    • The just do BPO's.  And if thats ok with you, I guess use their contact form?

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