• First do a search here to see all those who have not been paid. I get DAILY orders from them Have for months. If they really paid and Id taken them---Id have enough for a new car. I ignore them  Too bad too Id really like to have all that business.

  • Email their CEO.

    I got paid within a week of sending an email to him threatening legal action for a $500 or so unpaid balance.

  • Valuation Vision has not paid me for work completed in 2013 and 2014.  I have called several times and all they do is apologize and promise to pay in the next 2 weeks.  I will not do any more work for this company.

  • I got a bunch of requests from this company too, but unfortunately it is the same old story; insultingly low $40 fee, and then straight to the trash. 

  • Yes I am getting them as well, as if it's not bad enough they pay substandard fee's they are spamming orders to the point I just ignore them, BPO Fulfillment/Mainstreet are doing them same thing and same fee's I hope others are ignoring them at least until they start paying better and maybe even put out orders in my area instead of this SPAM crap....

  • I now have 35 Cleveland area orders sitting in my queue. It would be more but I tried to stop the orders by declining them. I'm in the 5-county Akron area market - and that doesnt even come close to Cleveland. And the orders keep coming! At $35, I only do these orders if I'm already going in the direction of the property or its in my bsckyard.
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