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I'm trying to break into the REO Industry and so far have been coming across scams. First scam was irepro and the 2nd Team Lear. I got an email from Safeguard to complete some paperwork regarding security and a contract. I called them, and they say I am in the system for an REO agent. This company seems legit from what I have seen online about them, but thought I'd check here to see if anyone has experience with them before I sign the contract.

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  • Dorothy, did Safeguard charge you for the required background check?

    • After speaking to several people there, it turns out they do not use agents for REO assignments. It was unclear, because the first people I spoke to said yes and looked me up on their computer and said I was in the system to receive REO's, then I called again because the vendor paperwork they sent me, didn't make any sense. The 2nd time, I was told they don't assign the REO's, their own clients do. They, also, said there was no way someone could have looked me up in their system for that. ??? Maybe the other person made it up just to get me off the phone. Anyhow, no background check because it didn't go any further. 

  • I had already viewed their website. I don't think that it is clear at all. 

    • I walked myself through the sign-up process this morning.

      In the drop-down box for "what type of vendor are you", I selected the "REO" option.

      Whereas it's an option, I say sign up for it. We'll know once a member gets a listing from them if they are any good to work with.

      Honestly, I'll give anyone a chance providing they aren't calling from Colorado looking for valuations. ;-)

  • As far as I know, they do not list REO, but they do Preservation for REO properties. They have done preservation in almost all of my REO listings.

    • I have been trying to get in with Safeguard on the Preservation end..  Anybody have any suggestions on how to get the National companies to respond to the smaller companies with work.  We service the Mid Illinois region.

    • I called them and they said they do both
  • I thought they are service provider. Doing trashout, utilities using local contractors,

  • I haven't worked for them in a few years, but I used to do a lot of BPOS for them until they started doing property management only.  They were a very good company back then.

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