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I would like to hear from anyone who is working with RRR. I have worked with them for many years and always received many BPO orders on a daily. All of a sudden the orders stopped coming this month. I have no idea why and all I keep being told is the inventory is low. I have called every dept. and can't make any headway.They all say the same thing. I am getting paid for orders done but have never had this happen before. I would like to know if this has happened to anyone. I would also really appreciate if anyone has a really good contact person in the company.  I don't know what to do about this. Any assistance or comments from anyone would be very helpful.

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    • Clear Capital pays $50. Also, if you're not signed up with DispoSolutions, I'd create a free account. Not many BPOs coming through these days, but I still do about 10-15 a year and none of them have been under $75 for a drive by.

      SingleSource pays $40 but offer a "conditionally accept" option and you can ask for a fee increase. They pay monthly and I've had no issues with them at all. In fact, I've gotten a few listings.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks so much for the advice.  I've requested a package from SingleSource.

  • Two companies reached out to me this week, they are:

    1.  Omnia Real Estate Services, Anaheim, CA

    2.  Timios Default Services, Pittsburgh, PA

    Anybody have any dealings with either? 

    Also, I was dropped by Clear Capital by one of their coordinators because I refused to do a BPO in a cat infested property that had not been de-trashed, secured or cleaned up.  

    • No loss. I get over 300 orders a month and I don't do either Clear Capital or RRReview anymore. There are plenty out there. Also you can get more money if you ask.

  • I still receive notices from them. Not as much as I used to, but still get them.

  • Did you read where they were making a transition to send orders to their "Prime Vendors".  I just got an "Exclusive" order from them today, so I guess the process has been implemented.

    Now instead of sitting at the computer to compete with other agents.  they are sending the orders to their best agents in the immediate area.  You have 30 minutes to respond, and after that it goes out to the rest of the agents.  The one I accepted today was 5 minutes old.  I was making breakfast at the time.

    • I did read that somewhere here and was shocked to get 2 offers last week with ease.  Normally no matter how many pop in they're gone before I can accept them.

      I did 5 in Nov and 1 in Dec and haven't had any offers since.

  • Spoiler alert- the stuff ahead might not be that great to hear if you are a sensitive person

    (PS RR has in fact changed their algorithm to host their captchas through a third party imaging site and by the time your "fast internet" can render the page at different speeds.(.think when you load a news like CNN or fox news - the website words always load faster than pictures right? same thing) ...solution- host a server in a Gigabit internet city or move to wherever Google fiber is...with multiple desktop instances running in virtualization mode...create a java applet on said server to ready captchas and guess captchas through a Artificial intelligence OCR program and a server that also changes the URL to be a dynamic heading instantaneously.. ..oh...bypass commercial "free" email providers and go with a whitelist domain email provider and get a provider that uses a whitelist MTA...oh.. FYI you also have to trust a third party offshore ( as if)  to also not ping the server for your vendor excessively...and also use a plethora of a US  IP addresses through different proxies that change at least 1000 times a day for the 20 OTHER agents they signed up in your market and also not excessively ping their sites so as to trigger a blacklist of your IP AND BPO account from Sysadmin of the BPO vendor...because in the end if the service is being sold to many other people ,ie people in your industry...they will leave breadcrumbs..) For people who didn't understand that read below

    Is BPO volume down- Yes~! Is it down for everyone! NO~! 

    RR Review and other BPO vendors have gone to the "better" method actually assigning work to a designated agent - Yes they actually give time to accept the order and they also have a very unique scoring system- (FYI.. software to capture as a concept was a pretty hard pill to swallow for the people that didn't have it..) - based on price TAT, THEN vendor out there is reducing costs because in fact inventory is LOW....PE funds like Homes for america, Invitation homes, Ocwen- keep on buying houses to rent out! Only because banks know by selling these homes in the secondary market it will actually lock in tremendous losses and affect their capital ratios..think "emperor has no clothes"  .

    a BPO Vendor in 2015 knows about this forum and others like this knows that you the realtor have competed at prices into an oblivion..and a point of no return..and they are hooked like I am to Chipotle! The other day one of our clients got a solicitation from a unnamed BPO vendor to complete their BPO's at prices for 100+ orders a month at $24 dollars an order under a "preferred platinum bulk program"! She calculated it to be EIGHT dollars an hour for her work! - that didn't include MLS fees, wear and tear on her car, rdesk rental, depreciation, and capital repayment of her computer equipment, desk, copiers...ummm not to mention her OVER 20 years experience in the market ( somehow we forget experience has value in the world too) ..

    I would say right now if you sell real estate- get better at it!!!! - because the BPO industry is in flux for the next two quarters of 201, that a fact. We RECOMENDED for her to sit it out and let some newbie agent to do them and blow their own account up and have the vendor come back to you as a rush at higher prices...they just called her today, on Good Friday and asked her to do 10 at wacky prices due Saturday LOL...sometimes success is about luck, hard work AND PATIENCE..

    Joey Singh

    ATX BPO Inc.
    Business Development

    1 212 801 2390 Office Ext 888
    1 516 881 0126 Direct Operations Floor Line
    1 800 931-6122 Fax
    1 917 859 4400 Cell     

    (Disclaimer- My company does BPO Data Entry Outsourcing and Order Capture- DO NOT CALL me for any orders [some have], Or to sign up with us or to complain to me about how bad business is..umm I know how the REO business is, that's why you're doing BPO's... I am not affiliated with ANY of the above mentioned companies- we get information through our own intelligence gathering resources....This in NOT an advertisement- check with the vendor if they have orders and see for yourself- I do not want to have a political discussion with you about sharing helpful competitive information with your fellow Realtor....Because it affects my client base and our employees that's why I do it...and I would like to share the information and help everyone prosper for remainder of 2015- Please, Please for g*sh sake do not send me your information.I am not looking to replace your offshore outfit, you can keep using them...

  • I am getting back into the BPO REO business after taking leave for a year.  What companies would you recommend signing up with? Some of the companies I was signed up with in the past no longer exist. Who still has assignments and is good at paying ? Any help is appreciated.( I am also working on getting listings and rebuilding my network as well- I was heavily into REO and short sale listings) 

  • Go out and list something.

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