• Is anyone owed money from Valuation Vision?  I filed a complaint with the San Diego BBB and then VV promptly paid in full after the BBB sent a second follow up letter. I was owed for BPOs as far back as last April. 

    • I was owed for 2 orders from over a year ago and had since done a few more orders a few months back. 45 days went by an no payment. I sent them a letter demanding payment and that they were in breach of their own agreement to pay vendors within 45 days. I sent a copy of that page and hi-lited that. No response for 30 days. I then sent a certified letter with the same payment demand but now also including that if payment was not made within 30 days that I would take legal action. Within a week I had an email response from them that payment would be paid within 2 weeks. I got a check in 2 weeks that came from some real estate company out of Florida. I have since done 2 more orders and I am hoping that I don't have to go through the same ordeal again to get paid.

      Complaining to California's State Attorney's Office, Kamala Harris, is useless. I had filed a complaint against earlier this year for several unpaid orders. Requesting that they look into their business practices and attempt to get the company to pay its vendors or ban them from being able to do business in California. The response back from her office was basically they were not interested and to go to small claims court. Which I did and got a judgement lien against them, but isn't even worth the paper it is printed on.  

      • What was the company out of Florida? 

    • I couldn't find your complaint.  All of the complaints say there was no response.

      From the day you filed, how long did it take to get payment? 

      I have a gut feel that they are trying not to pay any agent more than once per year.  I got a payment early in the year but it was not in full.  It was up to August 2014 and they said it was for up to April 2014 so their bookkeeping is all screwed up in the first place.

      It was also after they got their first cash infusion from Zaio.  They had to meet certain goals to get more cash.  Bet they don't meet them.

    • Yes. I am owned money from last year.  Thanks for the tip.

  • Specialized Asset Management does pay well and pay on time but it is difficult to grab orders due to heavy competition.

    Titanium Solutions is no longer in business.

    I work for EMortgageLogic but they don't pay well considering the difficulty of their forms.

    I also work for Proteck but always have to negotiate the price.  They pay less now than they did in 2008.

    I don't know what happened to Clear Capital.  I get very little work from them now.

  • eMortgage:


    Hannah Garner   P: (817) 872-7577
  • Anyone have any business with Solution Star  BPOFulfillment?  They sent a broker friend of mine the same address that Consolidated Analytics sent me and they pay more than Consolidated Analytics which I have never done work for before.

  • we all know the good pay.  what is your list of poor pay?

  • I always have reservations about new bpo/reo companies...well i just got into it with Keylink..I asked a simple question when will or when was my check mailed per them the May 5th BUT blah blah blah well it's the 14th and NO check so when was it mailed and their CEO or whoever he is gets all defensive on social networking site..simple question when was my check mailed why are you CEO so upset.  You run the company look into it dude.  Done with them and their $35 fee, first and only time w them but as he states they pay faster than most in industry at 45 days out hmmmm NO lots of BPO companies pay in two weeks sir. then i get how I'm unprofessional and he calls me an idiot.  No an idiot would be someone like myself not looking for my check and working for free.

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