not being upfront

I just learned that when a buyer goes to and views my current listings and inquires for more information about a particular property and hits the inquire for more information button, that this inquiry does not come back to me as the listing agent, it goes to other agents that pay a fee to be a agent.  This does not sound fair to me and I was never informed about this and had to discover it on my owne. How do you feel about it?

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  • Yes, we give them our information, so they can sell it back to other agents.

    Its really sad that is the best the Association of Realtors could come up with for us.  It doesn't help us keep our business, it makes us have to buy our own listings, crazy.

  • I've signed up for Zillow, and Trulia leads in the past. Just recently signed up for Although they have less traffic than the other sites, they do their best to contact the listing agent on every lead. The salesman said they want to be fair to the industry. I thought that was very honorable of them, considering their competitors obviously don't give a damn about that.

    So, just my little plug for leads over others. Don't know yet how many leads will come from them though.

    • It seems they all think we make too much money for all that we do and they should profit from doing nothing and we are suppose to be okay with that when it's our information that they are profiting from. We should be charging them for this information.

  • It's amazing how we pay to insert the information. Then it's sold 10 times over. Then we pay again to receive the leads off our information. And we even get fined from our MLS if we insert the wrong stuff or put our info/web site in the public description section. Legalized scammers...Oh and by the way if you think is on our side your are mistaken.

  • Unfortunately, what you are saying is TRUE!

  •  There is almost nothing done for the good of the agents anymore. It is all about making money . Really every one is out to charge the agents for anything and everything anymore, even their own leads and clients.

  • I did discover that you can email or contact and tell them that you do not want to cooperate in their Broker Co-Op Program and they will leave your information on the listing but remove the email now for more information button so you do not lose this lead to another agent. It is total crap that does not make any Broker or Agent aware of this upfront when our properties get advertised. They should pay us to be able to advertise our listings.

    • Maybe I am confused, but I thought Realtor.ORG was the National Association of Realtors website, that we pay dues to be on.  I thought was just another site that wants Realtors to pay them to be on it.

      I saw on a commercial that they were endorsed by the National Association of Realtors - which I think is ridiculous, they should not be affiliated in any way.  I am mistaken?

      • NAR/Realtors used to own and control  

        • I did contact NAR and was sent to someone very familiar with the issue and acted as if he agreed with He really could care less. What a shame.

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